Saturday, September 9

Sandy says it best

Stealing from Sandy today:

Shorter Pres. Bush:

Yes we torture.
No we do not torture.
Yes we do.
Not torture, of course we do.

To which I would add,

Even shorter Bush:
"Torture? Hey, works for us!"

Or why not, in the spirit of bi-partisanship, a Kerry-esque approach?
"I voted for torture before I was against it."


  1. One the day Bush claimed that the secret prisons had yielded intel that stopped terror attacks; the Pentagon released it's "new" guidelines for all prisoners with the quote, "No good intel had ever come from torture"

  2. Or my personal favorite.

    What did 11 September have to do with the invasion of Iraq?




  3. Weird. Like minds, people, like minds...

    This past Wednesday, I just happened to write this:

    Moreover, though Bush did sign McCain's Detainee Treatment Act, it's been well documented that he then underhandedly inked a secret signing statement granting himself the power to ignore it (it's good to be the king!). One might even call it a torture flip-flop: he was for these protections (for about five photo-op minutes) until he was against them.

    It's too bad our mainstream media only holds Democrats accountable for flip-flops (and rather meaningless ones at that), instead of taking to task a president who flip-flops so he can flagrantly torture human beings, charge them without a crime, ransack our nation's laws and bleed its soul dry.

  4. Oh, also meant to say, Blue Gal, your new design rocks!! (As advertised.)

  5. Or you could just rephrase it. That always makes it sound better.

    "We do not torture prisoners. We derive intelligence from them through the use of minor, unpleasant, temporary situational questioning."


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