Tuesday, September 19

Ye know what t'day is, me hearties...

There be no better way t'celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day than to link to and visit the blogger who keeps her brave ship sailing the high blogosphere seas through storms of Bushwacker idiocy 365/24/7!

If I dinna think she would challenge me to a fight I would tell ye all what a nice person that lesbian pirate queen truly is. But enough of that scallywagging...

I hereby declare it t'be Link to Cap'n Dyke Day!

If ye are a member of the crew, consider this an order from the First Blogmate! Arrgh!


  1. Aye, Aye...Commander BlueGal.

    I only be following ORDERS (or so say some folks!)


  2. Arrrgggghhh, me Blue! Methinks ye might'o swallowed a wee bit too much o' th' sea water! :>)

  3. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Done and done.

  4. Aye, Aye, Admiral Blue Gal: http://stephensonstrategies.com/2006/09/19.html#a966. Now don't ya be passin' me that infernal black spot agin, as ye be wantin' to do.
    Ensign Stephenson

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Lass, please accept me apologies for me freshness earlier. 'Twas unacceptable, I know that now, having had th'wisdom whipped into me, as it were.

    (Cap'n Wood is holding forth at my place regarding his time aboard the Mound of Blue Dykes. See ya there, Blue Gal!)

  6. Ah - now when was BlueGal promoted to Admiral? By some *Admirers* MeThinks?


    Aye Aye - Admiral!

  7. Shiver me timbers, I oughta be keel-hauled. I faahhrgot all about what day it was until past six bells. I'll be walkin' the plank until midnight to make up. Avast, ye mateys and wenches. Especially you, Blue Wench! I likes the cut of y'r jib.

  8. Arrr Craps!

    I fergot today be tha day. Pass me apologies to tha Cap'n an tell 'er I'll be linin' up fer me floggin' soon enuf.

  9. Happy Pirate Day, my Lady.


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