Monday, September 4

"Oh Shit."
(while knitting to Crossing Delancey)

I've been spending the weekend with some wonderful relatives, knitting to old videos, and only getting on the blog to post here and at The Aristocrats. Not much else.

So seriously, I didn't even notice that Mike of the Blog Round-Up linked to me.

Oh shit. Shit. Shit. I so do not take this for granted.

Readers, go over to the Crooks and Liars Store and order a pair of panties. Or a coffee mug. Or a T-shirt. Help that wonderful website pay the MASSIVE bandwidth bill they must have to pay every month. And look really cool in the bargain.

I mean, shopping sucks. We don't *need* any more stuff. But we do need to support those who support us. And nobody does that for the blogosphere, and especially the little blogs, like C&L. Think of it, that logo will be hugging Blue Gal's bodacious ta-tas in 2 days plus shipping. Let it happen to you, too.

I mean, let the shirt hug yours...OH, you know what I mean.


  1. Why does the crotch of the underwear look like a penis?

  2. I know. Cafepress thong images always have that kind of dark padded shading at the crotch. Like it has a pantiliner or something. I never understood pantiliners myself. And they make them for thongs too. I mean, wtf? Thongs are designed to ride your butt-crack. On me that would be two watermelons on a string. Hey, fat-bottomed girls make the rockin world go 'round. Have I said enough? Probably.

  3. Congrats on the C&L link. And thanks for the Billy Bragg vid. Ah, that takes me back. I saw him in concert in Dallas shortly after he released the "Talking With the Taxman About Poetry" album. That was back in the days of the famous "Red Wedge." Lots of great lefty Brit bands around back then: The Nightingales, Crass, New Model Army, etc.
    Marc McDonald


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