Saturday, September 23

Panties in the News!!! Southern dimwit edition

Hugh Grant autographed the gigantic granny panties from Bridget Jones One. They were recently auctioned for charity.

By now you may have heard about the mayor of Gallatin, Tennessee, who agreed to allow a filming of a straight to DVD feature in his office. Apparently he didn't know the movie was Thong Girl 3.

Having never watched Thong Girl one and two, I, like Mayor Don Wright, really had no idea what these movies were about, either. (Well, I kinda had an idea from the title.) But nevermind, this is why Reuters stringers make the big bucks:

According to the Thong Girl Web site, heroine Lana Layonme wears a red thong under a cape as she flies over Nashville repelling a villain who is trying to turn country music performers into rappers. The movie is the third in a series released only on DVD.

Thank God for the internet. Turns out the "actress" portraying Ms. Layonme in Thong Girl 2 also made personal appearances at Fantasy Writer's Conventions. Where she got to meet real live comic book artists. The linky for this photo actually takes you to a well-written blog. Just wanted to break my rules and show you the terrific costume for Thong Girl 2:

But I digress. The Mayor defended himself thusly:

"They said it was family friendly," said Wright who let the locally-based crew use his office for two hours. "We've had a lot of movies filmed in this area during the past few years. In fact, I think Sally Field was in one of them. Anyhow, I thought it was good for business."

Residents have not been unkind, Wright said.

"Well, it's sure true that no good deed goes unpunished but most of my e-mails about this haven't been bad."

Hey! First, I wouldn't be bringing Sally Field's name up. Her career mighta been helped by Thong Girl 3. And the fact that your emails have been positive just shows that for people in Gallatin, Tennessee, cheaply-clad superheroes defending country music stars from being converted into rappers passes for family-friendly entertainment.

Listen up kids. Like celebrity deaths and Thong Girl DVDs, stories of Southern dimwits always come in three's. Tune in tomorrow for the sequels.


  1. I'd leave an insightful comment, but I'm laughing too hard to type!

  2. I saw you listed on an 'Enimies Of Hey Zeus' list so moi just stopped in to say hi.

    Your blog doth grooveth.

    Stay on Groovin' Safari,

  3. Yeah, I know whenever I'm looking for something "family friendly" to take the kids to, I immediately look for anything with the word "thong" in the title. After all, Sisqo wouldn't steer me wrong, would he?

  4. dustnashes4:35 PM

    Did you have to put "Southern" in front of dimwits? What about all of us Western dimwits and the culturally important Northern dimwits clan. Surely you didn't mean to leave out all the influential SoCal dimwits. ;)

  5. Who you calling a SoCal Dim -ugh-white, er, whip?

  6. Meh, she doesn't do it for me, BG. The big brain is still firmly engaged.


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