Thursday, September 21

More wimpy wet wipes in our midst

I am not going to play the song about stopping abortion by making a serious public commitment to contraception. You've heard me play it enough.

There are two bills in the House, sponsored by "Democrats". BTW the realistic one that includes contraception, HR6067, is sponsored by the wicked cool Tim Ryan. Enter the wimpies:

Although the two bills share an overall goal — reducing the number of elective abortions by establishing support programs for pregnant women, such as child care and health care -— pro-life Democrats have split over whether the legislation should also support prevention methods, primarily the promotion of contraceptives.

Reservations over the issue prompted Democrats For Life of America, an anti-abortion-rights group that also opposes euthanasia and capital punishment, to part ways with Ryan before the Ohio lawmaker introduced his bill last week.

...While the organization is not opposed to the use of contraception, [DFLA leader Kristen] Day explained, she said the group became concerned that the topic could distract from the overall bill.

Reducing abortions but not getting "distracted" by contraception?

Anyhow I plan to send an online message to Tim Ryan to tell him to stick to his guns. You can do this too. Use his contact form

UPDATE: Called Tim Ryan's office today and spoke with his most competent, very nice press secretary. Send the email here, and write to your own congressperson in support of HR6067 here.

Tell 'im Blue Gal sent you.


  1. Opposition to contraception is #1 on my list of Ways To Tell If A Politician Is Unserious About Reducing Abortions.

    Followed closely by lack of support for any kind of assistance or daycare for low-income and/or single mothers.

    Amazingly, by this measure most pro-life Republicans are spectacularly unserious. It's almost as if they're simply posturing to appease the intolerant religious right.

  2. Once more time:

    without apology.

  3. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I always knew you packed a punch, Blue Gal. Release the hounds.

  4. Yes, I am a big fan of the "safe, legal, rare" formulation. The trick is to reduce the *demand* for abortion.

  5. I wrote my Congressman, Ralph Regula, in support or HR6067.

  6. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Oh, good God. Ignoring contraception is playing right into the hands of the radical anti-abortion crowd. If abortion truly became "safe, legal, and rare", as it should be, how would they raise money and get people to go to the polls to elect wingnut candidates?

  7. "Contraception" is murder. Every time an egg is not fertilized and allowed to mature into an infant, you are committing infanticide. I can't believe so many people have bought into the liberal propaganda of "safe, legal, and rare." Try "irresponsible, sinful and murderous."

  8. Kirk honey, I love ya, but we only play tunes like that over at CFAV.

    You're gonna ruin yer panties here, babycakes.

  9. So, wait - according to Kirk, every time a woman ovulates and *doesn't* have sex (without contraception), she's committing murder?

    Wow. I think even the Duggars would consider that kinda extreme - I sure hope Kirk is a parody...

  10. Thanks so much for posting on this- and also giving us Tim Ryan's Info- and yes , he totally rocks....

    ( Ohio has some STD rates and Highschool Preg rates that are very hidden, those highschool Abstinence Contracts just arent workin'- hmm, imagine that....)

    ( BTW speaking of rocks- Your blog is always kicking good- keep up your great work)

  11. Eli honey if you try to get in a flame war with Kirk that's kinda like trying to discuss with Colbert why you hate America.

    Thanks much, Enigma!

    Some of you may not know that Blue Gal was actually born right in Tim Ryan's district. Makes a lotta sense. I'm very proud.

  12. Kirk,
    Your little petty one liners are worth about as much as Bush saying "God told him to invade Iraq"... They offer no insight into the realism that exists outside of your pious view. There are many, and I do mean many, that protest along your thinking and have had abortions and have used contraceptives and have masturbated. (There are two kinds of liars in this world, Kirk me boy, those that say they never masturbated and those that say they quit.)

    Your words reflect a psychosis that ails this country- "irresponsible, sinful and murderous." - The day your body and your free will has governmental or religious or societal limitations placed upon it you can begin to spew your insane rhetoric and viewpoint regading this issue, but until that time, might I suggest you actually converse with actual breathing, ovulating women about the subject. And, no, not just the women you seem to know, closeminded cultists who've forfieted their bodies and souls and whose every waking breath is dedicated to making God a monster(it's called terror these days)...

    I am talking about women who know a thing or two. There are a great number of women that could educate you on "women", or "men", for that matter. One, for instance, runs this blog... And if she can't set you straight, there are millions more that could. Find them, Seek them out. Open your mind.

  13. Blue Gal: I imagine that your love is very much like that of the Serpent unto Eve and thus unto Adam. I understand that liberals just want to remain in their echo chambers rather than have an honest debate with someone on America's side. So, while I certainly don't respect your request to live in isolation in the little world you have created here, I will obey it. After all, was Lot able to save Sodom? I, in all likelihood, would be unable to save this unholy site even though I am much more pure than Lot ever was.

  14. Blue Gal: Well, aren't you going to thank me for obeying your draconian comment policies?

  15. Kirk honey: In addition to my gratitude, how 'bout a nice dose of undying obsequious obeisance? (and a few unchaste kisses, too, you saint, you).

    Love 'n sodomy,


  16. Kirk, man, dude, I'm like really sorry. I was having my usual daily daydream about Salma Hayek and I think I may have killed about a gazillion-thousand unborn swimmer wannbes...

    Slap 'em on me, man. I'm guilty.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Blue Gal: Sounds a little French to me, but I'll take what I can get. I'm assuming that you are unaware of the meaning of the word 'sodomy' and the Santorum mess caused by liberals who engage in such Godless behavior. So, I'll just ignore that part of your reply and bid you adieu. That's Texan for goodbye.


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