Friday, September 8

Friday's Pop Quiz

Hey, your tax dollars don't just fund lies about Iraq! From the ACLU's excellent website countering "abstinence only" sex ed:

Pop Quiz!

To protect teens from unintended pregnancy and STDs, the federal government pours millions of taxpayer dollars into abstinence-only-until-marriage programs that teach which of the following points?

a. "One of the best ways to avoid AIDS is to 'avoid homosexual behavior.'"
b. "Abstinence without faith = Failure (It’s God’s idea!)"
c. "AIDS can be transmitted by skin-to-skin contact."
d. "The liberation movement has produced some aggressive girls today, and one of the tough challenges for guys who say no will be the questioning of their manliness."

ANSWER: All of the above!

Fabulous, Don! Tell us what we've won!

If you don't like abortion, think about this: three out of ten girls in America get pregnant before their 20th birthday. 800,000 teen pregnancies. Every year.

We have GOT to take the blinders off in this country. That is all.


  1. That is outrageous: I knew the abstinence programs were getting funding, but had no idea the content was so over-the-top. When will the outrages stop???

  2. I played a little game with myself: which of the options on that little quiz is the MOST outrageous?

    I give up. No. Clue. My mind bangs from one to the other like a ball in a pinball machine. Bling! Bling! Bling! Bling! The only good thing I can say about the program is that it does not seem to bash non-Christians with any degree of discrimination.

    And we are funding this tripe with my tax money? Sign me up for a refund!

  3. you said it, bg. we've got to be realistic here, folks!

  4. Great post, Blue Gal. I did hear something recently about how miserably these abstinence programs are failing. Though, just like this administration's prosecution of the war in Iraq, facts on the ground are meaningless.

    Ideology is the gospel.

    Also similar to the war in Iraq, it is not members of this administration who must pay for these failed policies, which have cut a swath of misery far and wide, but rather those poor souls impacted by such willful illogic and blithe incompetence.

  5. Great post! I've always thought we should frame the argument in a way that pro-lifers could understand. Abortions go down with a proper sex education. I think if that point could be made, everyone would win.

  6. d. "The liberation movement has produced some aggressive girls today, and one of the tough challenges for guys who say no will be the questioning of their manliness."

    Where were these girls when I was in highschool? You had to work at it then!

    Fact is, sex is nature and it's normal (and healthy) for it to happen. Birthcontrol and education are the most effective ways to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

  7. Umm, could I turn in the prize for the cash equivalent?

  8. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I don't think the people who design abstinence-only programs really want to reduce teen pregnancy and the related demand for abortion. If they did, they'd lose one of their main fundraisers.

  9. Kathy,
    Excellent point: Keep your enemy alive, else you'd need to find/create a new one. I'm also with Knight, althoughhhhhhhhh... they were there, we just didn't want to be associated with them. My first.. DAMN she was a hottie. Just wish I'd known what I was doing (and (perhaps) what she was willing to do (that I can NOW imagine))

    Seriously though folks, these programs would be better titled "Ignorance Only." Of COURSE we All KNOW that knowledge will only encourage kids to have sex. (do I hear an AMEN?) So..

    Avoiding the several pages of background info, from a school board meeting I attended in Scott County, TN several yrs ago (dealing with this subject) etc, etc... I will fast forward to a conversation I had with a woman who had YEARS of experience there... conversation held after a loooong discussion about said school board meeting.

    Me: You've been here for years.. you would know beter than I... but I'd be willing to bet that out of all these girls that get pregnant every year, there's at least one who honestly doesn't know how it happened.

    Her: At the very least.

    "Oh.. But he told me because I wasn't naked I'd still be a virgin."

    It just fuckin' boils my balls when I think about the assholes out there willing to use kids/girls as pawns in their bullshit crusade for morality.

  10. Abstinence only programs cost far less than education. Besides, those who have been taught to think wouldn't support Bush.

  11. Low-income people, particularly, need to be informed that they have more options than just abstinence.

    Makes me upset at how many unfit parents there are out there...who had kids when they were just kids themselves.

  12. See? That's why we need to make inexpensive birth control available to young girls without parental consent. And REAL sex ed -- if they're going to be doing it anyway, they need to know how to protect themselves, what to protect themselves from, and they also need to know the emotional complications of sex, abortion, and all that. They really don't have a clue.

    I really hate abortion. I'm about as pro life as a person can be, but I also understand that pro-choice doesn't mean pro-abortion. The country needs to realize that before they can ever really understand the abortion issue, but they're all too busy waving pictures of dismembered fetuses to think about the plight of the sexually active teen (especially the girl... but we can't forget about the guys, too.)


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