Tuesday, September 5

You might need to sit down for this one.

Today is a busy day at Casa Blue Gal and I'm still getting over the whole "Karl Rove at a country club fundraiser for Ken Blackwell (R - Diebold)". But before it gets too stale I wanted to show you this, stolen from the always luscious Big Daddy Malcontent:

I am not asking any of my readers to adopt Galloway's Middle East politics. But, hot damn, why can't somebody, anybody, talk to Brit Hume like this? About anything?

We kid ourselves if we think Paul Hackett does as good a job. Galloway has parlimentary slugfesting in his blood. Sorry Paul, but that trumps even your service in Iraq as far as going up against the Fox boys goes. Practice, Paul. Watch and learn.

If you have any talent with online video searches (I don't), please find all the times a "guest" on NewsCorp TV mentions "Rupert Murdoch" and the poli-bot talking head says "I'm going to stop you there." I am absolutely convinced that it is against the Fox News rules to mention Murdoch on the air. Which is funny, 'cause going after George Soros is de rigeur. There's a video viral response waiting for you if you can string those together in a YouTube.

I'm sure Murdoch would quote Galloway in this instance. "Blue Gal, what a silly person you are."


  1. The simple sad fact is that no American media entity would ever even invite such a person into their studios. Not that such a person doesn't exist; the accomplished Gwynne Dyer comes to mind. Colbert had it exactly right. The mainstream media exists to present both sides of a story. Bush's side, and Cheney's.

  2. As a public service to your readers, m'dear, I'll ask that they consider the Galloway position on the Palestine question: that Palestinians are people, too, with human rights, with lives and aspirations, EVEN IF ISRAELI DID BOOT THEM OFF OF THEIR LAND IN 1948 OR 1967.

    This includes the Palestinians living inside the borders of Israel (within the 1949 cease fire line, which is the closest thing Israel actually has to a border) - you know, the ones who were under martial law until 1966 and were switched to police monitoring under which they exist to this day...

  3. I posted this video last week and man is it a great diatribe by one Mr. Galloway... He is certainly one that should be studied to prepare for any interview especially Fox or any number of sycophantic stations.

  4. The simple sad fact is that no American media entity would ever even invite such a person into their studios.

    And if they did, they would have cut his mic after about 30 seconds. 10 seconds if it was Fox.

  5. Ah mister Galloway, what an amazingly blunt and profoundly unambiguous man. I posted this on my blog as well after seeing it here. It's nice to see someone who will challenge the duplicitous and dishonest statements made by the talking heads in the media.

  6. I love Galloway, even when I don't agree with him (sorry, but I guess I'm in the minority who thinks Hezbollah IS a terrorist organization). He can really sling it.

    Can you imagine him up against, say, Hannity or Coulter? They'd have to front it with a "parental advisory" warning for graphic verbal violence.


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