Tuesday, September 5

Why we don't use Google Adsense
at Blue Gal


  1. Branding is the new black.

  2. I have Google ads, and have yet to make a dime off them. Sometimes I wonder just what the criteria is for a particular ad appearing on my site. The other day, I saw a Lieberman for president ad. I almost deleted the blog.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have more Calvin Klein undies than I can shake a stick at.

    I don't need additional temptations!

  4. okay I left a messege..and it never made it through..
    and yup the google-ads are no what I want ...all it took was one blog with Lieberman Ad (google) on it...and I was scraping vomit off the keyboard....

    hmm, could be worse Leiberman in a Thong...yup that ad would be worse...

  5. I don't use any ads on my site ever...

    but I understand they are topically related - So iffin ya hates GW and but often cites to him...you'll end up with ReThugLican ads promoting him - as it THINKS he's your main topic.


    (Beside they slow your page loading.)


  6. Hahahaha! I use gmail and get all kinds of funky ads on my browser that seem to be kind of directed toward what's in my email, but usually waaaay off the mark.

  7. I frequently get survivalist ones on my blog, and I notice that our tag-team friends, Stan and Jesus (http://www.emailsfromjesus.com/), have one right now for "Holy Ghost Preaching Anointed Sermon Outlines Spirit Filled Bible Study Outline," which I suspect won't sell terribly well to their clientele.


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