Tuesday, September 26

Glad they got there, KO.

I did think last night's performance was a little over the top. It was not "the Lewinsky nonsense" in 1998. The President lied to us then. But little did we know then just how much a President could lie, and what impact that lie could have. Those were the days.

Love on ya, Keith honey.


  1. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Yes, he lied. He lied under oath, in fact. But how did that happen? He was being investigated for a real estate deal, and they had nothing on him. But they had him under oath, so they asked him a personal question they knew he'd lie about.

    It was bull, pure and simple. Clinton is a dog. Everyone knows that. We knew it before we elected him.

    How many times has Bushieboy been put under oath? He's met with commissions, but never under oath, and sometimes with Cheney there to hold his hand. If they ever managed to put Bush under oath, he'd either have to confess to the crimes he's committed, or he'd have to lie, and those would be lies about national security, not hummers.

  2. I am so loving KO...

  3. Man! I pounded out a 5 paragraph comment and then lost it to a page cannot be displayed error. Basically I thought last nights opinion was a bit over the top as well. I didn't particularly care for the dramatic switch from camera a to camera b.

    However, there can be no doubt as to the eficacy of the over the top partisan political performance. O'liely has made a very good living at it. The left endures it on a daily basis from the righty talk radio hosts. It's great to have it thrown back at them.

    In fact I think it's great to have the Olbermann oasis in the desert wasteland of t.v. news. He has very effectively cemented his role as leading voice for the liberal perspective and his ratings will only increase. We needed a place to go, now we have it, and the occasional histrionics are a small price to pay.

  4. aren't those overly-starched panties a little uncomfortable?

  5. Clinton lied, to his wife and to his country. About sex. No one died as a result...

    On the other hand, look at everyone who has lied since January, 2000. How many are dead - Americans and others - because of them?

    No comparison. Keith is on a roll.

  6. BTW don't let David "starched panties" fool you. Have you seen that guy blog? He's got a different homeland security groupie's pair for each post, and he spins the panties around his index finger to help him compose.

  7. KO, the new Murrow.

  8. Blue Gal - they cannot put Chimpy McStagger under oath, he fails the competence test. And besides, we already know that he is an amoral, psychopathic sociopath, and a misoginistic misanthropic swine, with delusions of grandeur, and about 15 other disorders, some yet to be named.

    Oh, that feels better.


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