Wednesday, September 6

Isn't it nice when Democrats and Republicans can agree?

I mean, it's true! We can all get along.

Katherine Harris won the Florida Republican primary
. So the good news is a whole bunch of agnostic bloggers are this very morning praising Jesus. Hallelujah!

She says that now the Florida Republican Party "will rally behind her."

Um, Katherine? Wake up, Katherine!

"If you are not electing Christians, tried and true, under public scrutiny and pressure, if you're not electing Christians, then in essence, you are going to legislate sin," she said.

Harris' comments so incensed challenger Monroe, that he said Tuesday night he would not support her as the party's nominee.

The remarks, he said, were "anti-Semitic" and "terribly frightening." Monroe, a Christian and lifelong Republican, said Harris was essentially advocating "a theocracy."

"I consider myself a loyal Republican," said Monroe, who worked in two GOP administrations. "But it amazes me anyone would support her."

It's unanimous!

Looks like the political parties are uniting behind a no-confidence vote against Rumsfeld, too! Will wonders never cease?

Rich Galen, a Republican consultant who worked as a civilian employee for the Defense Department in Iraq, said: “It’s really a free shot for Republicans. You can be in favor of what we are trying to accomplish in Iraq and not be in favor of Rumsfeld.”

But the news isn't all bad for Rummy:

Some Republicans in tough races have stuck by the defense secretary. In a television debate on the NBC program “Meet the Press” on Sunday, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania offered his full

Oh nevermind.

Look. Here's my advice for Rummy:

1. Keep in mind that Bill Frist, Tony Snow, and Rick Santorum have your back. That means stay on the Prozac!

2. Remember that calls for your resignation will pass. They'll pass like a very large kidney stone, but they'll pass.

3. Just keep watching your affirmation video. (Scary alert. Turn it up really loud to feel the secret of the Secretary's success.)


PS. Regardless of parentage (admittedly wacko) or patronage: Republicans, Democrats, irreligious bloggers, and Scientologists can safely agree on this one-- That is one pretty baby. God bless 'er.


  1. yes, she is a pretty baby and she'll need all the blessimgs she can get thru the years. every baby that is here needs blessings in these times(and her, with that father, i don't care if he appologied about the post partum bull he spouted, he didn't appologise to everyone!)

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    One pretty baby + two pretty screwed up parents. God help her.

  3. Florida votes...while the country chuckles...see a tongue-in-cheek visual of two infamous Floridians singing their favorite "Church & State"

  4. i was wondering which blog was going to put up something about that baby first! i don't think she's all that pretty--in fact, i think she has an odd look to her. sort of WAXY, if you ask me (perhaps they just airbrushed her!). i'm kinda surprised she's not prettier, since her (supposed)parents are both gorgeous human beings.

    oh, and i blogged about the rumsfeld thing too. i think it's all a crock of hype. but still fun to read the words no-confidence and rumsfeld in the same sentence.

  5. I think you have the wrong apparel for Katherine Harris. She doesn't need panties, she needs a bra to hold up those plastic fun bags she's always sticking in people's faces.


  6. Anonymous12:56 AM

    Now, don't be so quick to judge Katherine (Harris, that is. What Holmes did was unforgiveable). She pointed out in an interview on MSNBC that the quote was taken completely out of context. She was speaking to Christians. She added in the interview that if she'd been speaking to a Jewish group, she'd have reminded them how important it is that they elect politicians who support Israel.

    So she wasn't spouting Krazy Kristian Krap. She was simply pandering.

    Regarding young Miss Suri, I'm reminded of a Mary X's line in Eraserhead: "Mom, they're not even sure it is a baby!"

    (BTW, sorry if this doesn't look like me, but it is. Apparently, those of us who are on Blogger Beta can't comment on simple, old fashioned Blogger. Phooey.)

  7. "Remember that calls for your resignation will pass. They'll pass like a very large kidney stone, but they'll pass."

    OUCH...been there - done that...tis TOO Nice for Rummy and the Kids (Soldiers) he's allowed to DIE in this debacle of his.

    I'll only approve a Kidney Stone that too BIG to PASS or a nice irregular star-shaped one that get caught in his uretha!


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