Tuesday, September 12

Wondering about that 29%?

Southern Heritage Bikini Bottoms. No, you don't get a fricking link.

They're here!

A majority of Alabama voters say the United States "did the right thing" when it invaded Iraq in 2003, with support strongest from those who are middle-aged, white, male, upper-income and Republican, a new poll found.

Gee, rich white male Republican southerners support our President. Forgot to mention they're also "fuckwads." There is a lot of handwringing going on here about making sure Alabama's image continues to improve and folks around the country realize not ALL Alabamians are this stupid. But think about it, this week the MSM proved that you can call at random in this state and find 249 people who not only think invading Iraq was a good idea but also support the President's handling of the war.

I am not going to apologize for calling this state, on the whole, a buncha fuckwads.


  1. Hey Blue Gal,
    what happened to the header chic
    You know the Blue Gal image
    one wants to mind & boody meld with

    You gone librarian peacenick chic
    Mind you I have it in good authority librarians are the 'hottestst' chics around,
    when they get their glasses off
    and let their hair down!

  2. Was the Goober photo just a coincidence, as both George Lindsey and Jim Neighbors are Alabama natives, and probably not much like the characters or the poll respondents. I'm here (Birmingham) too, and I don't buy it. I don't like the phrasing of the question (I used to do surveys for a state agency in Tennessee) and I have my doubts about the sampling. I'm going to try to find out more.

  3. "Southern Heritage Bikini Bottoms. No, you don't get a fricking link."

    Must be ME...but I first read this as:

    "...No you don;t get a fricking LICK!"

    [Oops..my dirty (open) mind is showing!]

  4. Did anyone else notice the extra stretchy-looking bottoms on those panties? Too many grits and too much fried chicken in those Rebel tummies, I reckon.

    Man, I hate that flag.

  5. Now, I'm curious about 2 things:

    First, A question I've had Floating around about WHO is The Bounce Group:

    But (mark me if I'm wrong here) I recall that the lowest percentage of die-hard[er] Bush supporters was at one time 23%.

    SO, WHO are these 7-10%ers (The Bounce Group) that lift it back up to 30 or 33%?

    These vacillating more-clueless than Charlie Gordon sans-meds folks? Those who one week say they DON'T like the JOB CIC is doing...and the next week give him a *Passing-Fine* Job Approval rating?

    These incomprehensible swing-minded delirious numb-skulls WHO are responsible for these up-ticks in the pollsters weekly readings?

    HOW can anyone (once seeing what a general all around FUCK-up this President IS) willfully pull the blinders back on and *Approve* of him? Who changes their opinion on a week-to-week-to-week basis in some mental roller-coaster of informational disconnect?

    Anyone KNOW one of these folks? Ever actually meet these dithering morons of pollsterville nirvana? The *BOUNCE GROUP*?

    Looks like BlueGal has come awfully close to a real-time Picture of one of THEM!

    and Second...wanted to see if my G(lobally)R(ecognized)-Avatar change worked!


  6. Fooey...it did not work in Blogger.

    Have to go back to that blogger drawing board for that one. but I know it works in non-blogger realms (like haloscan).


  7. Okay. Two things. First, Karen, to answer your question, "Who is the bounce group?" They are politely referred to as moderates or 'swing voters,' but their real moniker is neocon enablers.
    Second, I don't know how to put this delicately, but as a Yankee, I find it difficult to understand why anyone progressive would live in the Confederacy. Warmer winters, I guess. Or maybe a sense of responsibility to keep all those slack-jawed yokels from tripping over their shoelaces and such. lol

  8. Karen

    The bounce voters are those who want to be with the winner. If Shrub has a good week, kill a name brand brown person, they like him. If the traditional media gives him a hard time then they back off.

    Blue Gal I've said it before and will say it again. I left the south due to the bigots and idiots.

  9. I moved here for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Mr. Blue Gal and his big fat paycheck ;-D. He is also on the board of the ACLU of Alabama, which is the front lines against bigots and idiots in this political hellhole. He does not get paid for his huge contribution to that organization. I'm proud of that. Really proud.

  10. You're not just whistlin' Dixie, are you?

  11. So, in other words, Mr. Blue Gal is trying to keep all those slack-jawed yokels from tripping over their shoelaces and such. ;-)
    You should be proud, BG. Seriously. Guys like Mr. BG are the reason Amerika hasn't yet become a corporate feudal state.

  12. Ya know, it really puts a guy on the spot when his significant other comes out modelling her new rebel flag undies and asks, "honey, does this make my ass look too bigoted?"

  13. Blue Gal,

    I proud of your husband and you.

    But for me I grew tired of the fight.

  14. Big Daddy,
    We got our share and then some of goobers here in the south, but there are plenty of thinkers, too. There is no shortage of ignorance and bigotry in say, Idaho or South Dakota or Massachuesetts, either. But we have women who speak with a drawl; I could never leave.


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