Friday, June 22

Art and chaos day at Blue Gal

Every so often we need to take a break and look at some art.

So I'm bopping around the web for half an hour looking for something to show you and through the South African website ArtThrob I find a place called


I always try for Art and Chaos days to find a place where the viewer can spend some time but I gotta warn you. VVork is visually amazing (that seems to be the point, and it's a good one for online contemporary art) and the site is apparently updated daily. You could easily be there for an hour or more.

Some of the stuff is overtly political. There's a piece on the Lebanon war where civilians begin their stories using a physical object they had during their war experience. David Barbarino's piece (above) shows London Daily Standard headlines for the fateful month of March, 2003. There's also the lovely images of some guy filming his own circumcision. (No link, find it your own self and tell your boss you went on a circumcision scavenger hunt instead of working.)

I love the guy who posted his curriculum vitae on the side of a building, though.



  1. Bluegal:

    Thanks for the reminder that the world is not exlusively a drab shade of cubicle taupe.

    Traveling Man

  2. Anonymous11:03 PM

    VVery cool indeed, 'Gal. Thanks!


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