Thursday, June 21

Democrats have new improved position on Iraq, right here:

And hey, it turns out we "progressives" like Hillary a whole lot less bad as a result. Wapo says she drew only modest boos this year, down a whole 26% from last year this same progressive conference heard her not apologize for her pro-war vote.

Are we doing a full Kerry here so early in the season, just assuming she'll get the nomination and therefore well, it beats the alternative, Newt/John/Rudy?

Shame on us.

And shame on any news source that publishes this kind of crappy "straight from the candidate's press release" headline.

Most of you know I'm voting for Kucinich. He and Ron Paul are the ONLY TWO Congressmen who voted against a bill saying Iran is "guilty of genocide" yesterday. Because those two men think, and are brave enough to say, we don't need another war. The whole bill makes me go huh? anyway. It's just a way to demonize one more Muslim boogeyman on behalf of the so-called only democracy in the region, which is a crock. We had another democracy, they elected Hamas, and we didn't like it and sold out the voters for our own agenda...a nice heaping bowl of Chile, people. No wonder Kissinger is still hangin' round, but did anyone pay attention to that article?
What Manila said.


  1. I still can't believe that we would have the audacity to say Iran is guilty of genocide after all we've done in that region. It'd be like if I broke into your neighbor's house and killed everyone inside. Then when you protest against it, I tell the police that you're threatening me.

    Boy, that Democratic majority sure changed things for the better, right?

    So there you have it folks. We've got two choices for president - Kucinich or Paul. I'm personally rooting for the commie. I don't watch enough South Park to be as excited about Libertarianism as everyone else.

  2. A portion of your post is perhaps out of context. The bill does not state that Iran is guilty of genocide:

    H CON RES 21 BILL TITLE: "Calling on the United Nations Security Council to charge Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with violating the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and the United Nations Charter because of his calls for the destruction of the State of Israel."

    It says that the US calls on United Nations Security Council to tell President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to stop calling for the destruction of Israel. The bill states that Iran is in violation of a charter from 1948 because of what they have been saying. That's all the bill says.

    I'm no fan of Israel, but every country in that region needs Lithium or Prozac, not just Israel. The hold that AIPAC has on government and the media (Hi, Wolf!) is horrible. Less than half of the citizens of Israel can vote, so it is not a democracy. We give Israel way too much money. They have the bomb, and we gave it to them. On the other hand, every other country over there is also certifiably insane. Ahmadinejad did indeed call for the destruction of Israel, and made claims about the authenticity of the holocaust.

    I sort of see it another way. Imagine a bill passing in congress that calls for co-operation with the UN. Whodathunkit. It's perhaps important to discuss the bill as what it actually is, and not how it relates to two candidates.

    And Manila Rice, I agree about Ron Paul. He wants to remove social programs and let charities do all of the work. He is also all about big business and little government. Nobody realizes that the man is a monster.

  3. How far behind are we on our UN payments these days, anyhow? And John Bolton. Yeah. Respect for the UN would be a good one to vote on, Zaius.

  4. Gee thanks, Blue Gal. I had slept from about 5:30 AM central until 10 PM and I missed all the news. Now, I'm sick to my stomach.

    Do you mean to tell me that the CBC and the CPC voted in favor? Barbara Lee voted for it? DeFazio, McGovern, Jackson-Lee and Baldwin voted for it? Waxman? Ellison? Jesse Jackson, Jr.? Meehan? Delahunt? Gjedenson? No.

    That can't be right. Please.

    And let's stop this AIPAC=ISRAEL nonsense. AIPAC is a right-wing American Jewish lobby with a lot of money. Israel is a social-democracy, the majority of whose citizens have zero problem with Palestinian statehood and an end the the oppression.

    And as far as bombing Iran? Or being party to it? Check out the Jewish population of Tehran some day and tell my Israel wants anything to do with THAT. Israel is juicing AIPAC, the religious right and the Republicans for their ducats. And having a good laugh about it.

    Still and all, I support Ami Ayalon (the dove from Labor's left wing) for Israeli PM. And I have the good fortune to live in a country in which Jews and Muslims consider themselves semitic brothers and sisters and have worried through the years about the commons enemies -- the Catholics and the USA

  5. BTW, that picture is really creepy, Blue Gal. It looks like something out of a Japanese horror film. Eek!


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