Monday, June 4

Let's chip in and buy Angela Merkel a "relaxation gift basket."

I mean, I'm with Sandy at the Aristocrats in that it probably isn't possible for him to be as big an asshole as the LAST time, but seriously. We ought to send Angela Merkel some lavender bath salts, a few bags of that chai tea crap and a tub of ready-to-eat cheesecake filling. Just on principle.


  1. What the hell is that jack-ass doing? Just seeing him in the presence of other world leaders makes me very, very nervous. It's like having your drunk cousin Ed the Ped show up at family functions and having to hope in vain that he won't do or say anything stupid or inappropriate.

  2. Capn Dyke5:28 PM

    Ye can tell by th'look on th'Chimp's face that he knew he 'fox-pawed' it again. I just wish she would've stood up an' slapped his face. Th'world would have cheered.

    Drunk Frat Boy Strikes Again. Make one wonder iffin th'other world-leaders will pay t'be able t'sit as far away from him as possible...

    BG, get her some o'those nice, hot massage rocks too - she can throw them at 'em.

  3. "Bush is such a goddamn fuckwad!"

  4. Methinks ye be denigratin' th' fuckwads, Suzy!

    Sorry, just practicin' fer th' Salon!

  5. Don't underestimate his capability to be an even bigger asshole. It's the one thing he excells at.

  6. This is one time when "watch your back" takes on a whole new meaning. I imagine she has a bodyguard assigned to do nothing but keep the commander guy away from her, I would.

  7. You simply don't understand. To a frat boy her body language says, "No", but what she really means is, "I love a man who wears tight Wranglers and flannel."

    She just hasn't had enough Milwaukee's Best yet.


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