Sunday, June 24

The Church's Choice.

While Anglicans in Canada hold their breath waiting to see if it'll be okay to bless same-sex unions (while I DON'T wonder that Divine Love is blessing them already) the best blog response seems to me to pull out a transvestite stand-up comedi[enne]'s take on the real Church conundrum, Cake or Death. Take it, Eddie Izzard (and thx, JWH):

(BTW I picked the long version, 6:48, because I love the "killing people next door" bit, very timely on the whole Middle East situation.)



  1. Eddies Izzard is a comic genius. I always laugh when I see his bit about Cake or Death.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    this is so goddamned funny

  3. That guy is so funny. Moltis Gratis.


  4. It reminds me of the Monty Python bit about the Spanish Inquisition and the Comfy Chair...

    BTW, I had a blast on the Skype chat last week! Thanks for the invite, BG.

  5. Loves Eddie. TY for the long verj - the "Risk" analysis is some funny.


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