Tuesday, June 19

How we all reacted to Hillary's new campaign song:

If you don't know, you won't believe it. You won't. fucking. believe it.

Yes, these young ladies are at first viewing the "Bill can't have onion rings" video** at hillaryclinton.com, then the next moment they find out Hillary's campaign song is by that FRENCH CANADIAN VEGAS ACT that shall be nameless here. I would have recorded my own screams at the time but they blew out my mic. And it wasn't. even. on.

**Do check out Instaputz on that onion ring thing. Thanks Blogenfreude.


  1. Full disclosure: screams of horror are my reaction any time I hear Celine Dion.

  2. ... it's what can happen when you let "we the people" decide.


  3. LOL ... the song is sooo wrong for a campaign especially one of a candidate that is supposed to take us out of the horror of the Bush years

  4. Choosing a French Canadian singer is as close to an anti-war message as we're gonna get from Hillary. I personally thought she would've chose "Let the Eagle Soar" by John Ashcroft.

  5. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Apparently her taste in music parallels her taste in men...

    ...or was that we teh peebles taste in "music?"

  6. You and ah
    Were meant to flah
    Higher than the clouds
    We'll sail across the skah

    I can feel my cockles heating up again...

    By the way, is this from the album she did in which every song was used in a Chrysler commercial? The only one I remember was "I Drove All Night" which advertised the Pacifica. I wonder what piece of junk this one sold...

  7. Anonymous9:50 PM

    Oh, how I wish Celine had gone down with the Titanic.



  8. Sweet Jesus, how much more evidence to we need to prove her total phoniness once and for all.

    A polyester singer for a totally plastic person. Ick.

    If she wanted to se Celine, at least she could've used this one:


    Get out your Lysol...

  9. Tomorrow I must examine the question: does jumping the shark hurt a candidate in the polls? Or does it help? Too tired to think that over now.

  10. Now come on BG, admit it and let everyone know that those little girls are looking at a goatse slideshow.

  11. there are not enough tums....urgh....

  12. I do like the new banner!

    Anyway, I dont dry heave nearly as much from her music as I do from hearing her TALK. Like how tragedies have impacted her.


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