Thursday, June 21

Two down....

One to GO.

"Excuse me, Mr. Vice, but you've finally overstepped in it and...
you're outta here!"

Did you EVER think you'd hear me say this?

Please, where is Al Haig when we need him? Am I the only one who dares to think we could use a (please, God, temporary) coup in this country to restore democracy to the region?

Yes, America, things have gotten THIS crazy.

UPDATE: Oh isn't that nice Rahm Emmanuel grew a pair.


  1. Yeah, I'm being facetious. But still.

  2. Ah, defacing an American flag. How appropriate.

    Seriously though, how many Neocons does it take to cut a friggin' cake? They look all too eager to reach for Cheney's crotch if you ask me.

  3. "Yeah, I'm being facetious. But still."

    No kidding. The very notion of liberals leading a coup reminds me of Karl Marx's remark that the revolution would never come to Germany because when it came time to storm the trains they would all stop to buy tickets first.

  4. Where is your evidence that Rahm Emmanuel grew a pair? What has Rahm Emmanuel done except take credit for Howard Dean's work, support Joe Lieberman, and give us this sickening Obama?

    I've heard the benign coup theory before and I don't buy. Check out the experience of General Omar Torrijos in Panama for details.

  5. Yeah I really need to stop with the facetious comments Kelso it just mixes people up.

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I have long maintained that Rahm's celebrated missing finger is actually up his ass.



  7. Anonymous9:17 AM

    I agree that to start blogging you do it on the cheap. You would be surprised how many months you have to post entries before you get noticed.

    It's time for you to put on your big girl panties and move to wordpress. It is a much friendlier format for bloggers and commenters.


  8. Choosy mothers choose Jif, OG, and four out of five dentists recommend Trident Sugarless Gum for their patients who chew gum. Brand loyalty is just so darned cute!

    We don't need a coup - We need a revolution!

  9. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I dunno abt reaching for Cheney's crotch. They seem to be going out of their way NOT to touch another man's hand in a photo op.

  10. I am curious yellow, Dr Zaius, what sort of revolution did you have in mind exactly? And who exactly is going to lead it? And what happens if it's successful? How drunk with power do you figure the leaders would be?

    What passes for a normal capitalist social-democracy elsewhere would be more revolutionary than any revolution any American could come up with. You've got the makings of a nice little democratic republic up there, just go back to first principles.

    Robert Bork is probably among the 10 most repulsive Americans but during his failed Supreme Court nomination he did quote someone wise who said "show me a man under 40 who's not a socialist and I'll show you a man with no me a man over 40 who is a socialist and I'll show you a man with no head."

    Good luck with that revolution. I'm laying a big price it won't happen and if it does, you ain't leading it.

  11. Still curious, Dr Zaius. I agree that Trident gum is pretty flavorless, but what the hell you got against Jif? It's pretty good.

    What's so bad about brand loyalty? I like Swiss Miss Instant Cocoa A LOT. I like Barbasol Shaving Cream. I like disposible Gillette 2-blade razors. I like Vintage Seltzer. I like Levi's. I like Boar's Head coldcuts. I'm indifferent between Barilla and DeCecco pastas. I like Oral-B 40 soft-bristle toothbrushes and Brioschi effervescent ant-acid. I like Blogger, though I might give Wordpress a second look.

    Revolution my granny's left tit.

  12. Sorry to be so tiresome, but that "revolution" thing is really scalding my nuts. I don't fucking live in the USA so it's not really my problem, but Christ, Dr Zaius, do you understand exactly what revolution entails? It entails having to be sadistic as hell and not giving a shit whether you live or die. Or whether your kids live or die. It means being willing at the drop of a hat to shoot a police officer in cold blood. If you can be that and do that, maybe you ARE a real revolutionary. I know I'm not. I'm a pacifist. The less violence, the better.

    I know a bona fide political radical from Blue Gal's neck of the woods. A real hard case who spent 15 of his 30 years in the slammer down there. His view of it: not so bad if you can find a good spades partner and a good dealer. You that tough? He couldn't kill a cop or a child.

    And don't even try to sling any of that Adbusters bull at me the way you did at ANONYMOUS OG.

    Please, think these things through before writing them.

    Again, I'm going to bet you all I can push in that you do not have what it takes to be a revolutionary. Please consider that a compliment.

  13. Cool it, Kelso.

    and I toss around the word revolution all the time, too. It may not be exactly what I mean, the way you frame it, Kelso, but we want change in America and we are willing to upset some existing paradigms to do so.

    That said, the brand loyalty saw has been played enough here, the semantics saw is tiresome too. If you feel you need to, take a pill for the testosterone poisoning. We play nice here.

  14. BlueGal:

    I'm sorry. I obviously need the rule-book. If you spell the rules out plainly for me, I'll obey them.

    I can guess at a couple based on your last comment but I think I want the OFFICIAL rules. If you read THE NATION, you can get a copy of the official set of rules for the cryptic puzzles on the inside of the back cover. The rulebook is pretty thin, actually.

    Something like that would work. I'm very good at working within a structured framework, actually. And please make it specific. I need to know what CAN be said as well as what CANNOT be said. I also need to know HOW things are to be said or not said. So far, I got that rhetorical flourishes and forensic debate are forbidden, but now I'm all messed up because if revolution is a metaphor and metaphor is figurative language and figurative language is a type of rhetorical flourish, well you see the confusion...SPECIFICITY PLEASE.

    Exile's weird but it sure is nice to live in a place with national heath insurance, where testosterone and progesterone are good things, and the USA liberal blogosphere would fit somewhere in the center of the right-wing opposition party.

    For now, I'll just post the lyrics to Kinky Friedman's "Dear Abbie". I think you get my meaning.

    From a friend of yours in Texas
    Who’s had a little trouble finding love.
    I’m considered quite attractive
    And I’ve always been quite active at the club.
    But the life I lead’s so lonesome
    That I wonder, Abbie, if you’ve ever known
    What it’s like to live in others’ dreams
    And never have a dream to call your own.
    There’s a divorcee in Dallas,
    There’s a girl who’s much too young in Idaho.
    London Bridge is falling down
    And the clergyman is out of town
    And there’s a daughter no one wants in Buffalo.
    And I’m wondering ‘bout America,
    Wondering if we lost more than the war.
    I’m just wondering if there’s any silver lining left
    Behind the golden door.

    And dear Abbie, Abbie I just had to write.
    Dear Abbie, Abbie is there any love in sight ?

    Well, the last time that I saw you
    You were living at the old Chelsea Hotel.
    Even though it’s been a while, hell
    Even now it makes me smile
    To think of how you tennis-shoed the bill.
    And it seems like only yesterday
    You fell off of the sea-saw and you cried
    And your daddy lit the fireworks
    In the backyard on the fourth day of July.

    And dear Abbie, Abbie I just had to write,
    Dear Abbie, Abbie, where are you tonight ?


  15. Rahm Emanuel and people like him and just a big of a threat to democracy as Cheney and his ilk. Because they slickly try to sound like "the opposition" while all the while, they are sleeping with the enemy.

    I can't stand that guy.

    Third party, anyone? Maybe that's the "revolution" we need.

  16. kn: Got a better song for ya:

  17. QD: in desperate need for a nap but I'll check out the song. The Kinky Friedman paean to Abbie Hoffman was there for a specific purpose.

    Meanwhile, I'm not offerin any opinions on nuttin until I get the OFFICIAL RULE BOOK of this site. Cousin, if I don't get the rule book, I can't play cuz reason, stylisitics, and testosterone's all I gots. Y la jefa me aviso que ninguna de las tres sirven aca. Entonces, ya me quedo pobrecito esperando mi LIBRO DE LAS RELGAS Y DERECHOS OFICIALES del website BlueGal. Y sin el libro no puedo escribir NADA de la revolucion, la politica, ni nada. Mejor escribir en espanol porque me dio cuenta de que mis opinones son muy ofensivas pero ya no se como arreglarlas asi que sean suficiente o a lo mejor no van a ofendir a las sensibildades de nadie aca. Me aviso la jefa que tenga que jugar con simpatia pero no se como hacerlo. Hasta que me ensene el LIBRO OFICIAL solamente voy a escribir en espanol y sobre cosas muy senciallas.

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