Monday, June 11

Salon tonight and a couple other announcements.

Oh sorry. Salon is here.

Salon tonight. I'll be there after 9 Eastern time. I'll post the link to the salon here earlier than that.

Discovered this week that if I create a completely new chat every time it works better. So I'll do that and post the link here. You do need to download Skype to join in but remember, it's just typing. You don't need a skype headset or anything special.

Three more things.

I'm doing the round-up
this week for Mike (off to tour Europe with Joe Cocker) at a little blog called Crooks and Liars. Thanks to the blogger who demanded to know why Blue Gal was not on Amato's blogroll. But you'll notice, Amato isn't on mine. We keep our deep passionate hot sexy do-me-like-an-animal love for each other off the blog, okay? Kidding. Kidding! I just keep my blogroll pretty much for little blogs, and John doesn't need the hits or even notice.

Numero duo, we're doing another blogswarm against theocracy for Fourth of July week. Watch this space and also the BAT website for details. This time you should be able to email your posts and watch them appear at the blogswarm as if by magic. I hope so. On topic, if you or a friend or the first person you see today hasn't signed the First Freedom First petition yet, please make them do it. Thanks.

Trois. The poetry contest continues anon and holy Hitler's apologist are you guys talented.



  1. I probably cannot make it tonight (or stay for very long), Blue Gal - it's another board meeting to discuss speed lumps.



  2. I hate those speeding lumps. I mean, first of all it's bad enough they roll through 4-way stops at 55mph but it's like they've never heard of turn signals either! Needless to say they're all driving SUVs which also makes it near impossible to see around them in parking lots and on corners.

  3. Sorry to have to ask, I should know, but how do I access the Salon get together? I have Skype.

  4. oops, I came in too late tonight...
    ...I'll try again next week!


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