Saturday, June 2

Thank God for Lou's scorecard!

Brown-skinned protesters use panties to protest immigration occupation of the Phillipines by Americans. But hey, they wrote on the panties in English only! If they speak American, why do they hate us? Are they commies, or fascists? Do they have the temerity to attack Lou Dobbs? And do they carry leprosy? Could one of them come over and be my paid-under-the-table nanny? Find out tonight...only on CNN.

From Think Progress (h/t Make Them Accountable)

On the May 30 edition of his CNN show, Lou Dobbs previewed his response to a scathing New York Times article about him, by saying “We’ll tell you who’s really telling the truth and who the commies are and who the fascists are, who have the temerity to attack me.”

Okay okay we all know that The New York Frickin' Times is a buncha goddamn commies.

...Which is WHY we read it.


...But only when we can get around TimesSelect.

...Which is where the "fascist" part comes in.

What gets me is when Lou Dobbs starts using words like "temerity." 'Cause then I have to go look that word up at an' shit. There I find out that "temerity" means "foolhardy disregard of danger."

And crap if I don't have to watch an annoying flash ad for a high-end lease of a 2007 Chrysler Navigator 4X2, too. I hate you, Lou Dobbs. Really I do.

Dammit Lou, your fascist, commie detractors at the NYFT are neither foolhardy nor do they "disregard the danger" of calling you on the whole "Mexicans are bringing leprosy into this country" bullshit. Seriously, you almost make me wanna buy the tree-killer version of that daily rag, an' I really don't have time to read that fascist commie shit or wade through their SUV lease ads. Just saying.


  1. You can't believe anything Lou Dobbs says.

    Because he's a liar.

    And that's just for starters.

    "Fascist"? Pot, meet Mr Kettle.

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Lou journalist gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs

  3. Okay, do great minds think alike or what? I wrote this before seeing your piece.

  4. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I am reminded of the occasion of the death of Zero Mostel, who, later in life, played Tevye exclusively.

    When a friend approached his widow to express condolences, he was shocked when she said "I glad he's gone, the last few years have been hell, I actually thought he was Tevye"

    Lou actually thinks he is the savior of the middle class. Therefore he can do no wrong and only his opinions count.


  5. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Remember the old Star Trek episode with the Friendly Angel (played by lawyer Melvin Belli!) He looks so warm and kind, but when the kids stop believing in him, he appears as his corrupt and hideous true self? That's who Dobbs reminds me of. He seems so nice at times, but he's just another demagogue.

  6. Yes, Blue Gal, yes. Lou Dobbs and the TISSUE OF LIES, i.e., New York Times are not opponents. They form an American Fascist platoon with Dobbs handling the bigotry and the NYT distorting its news coverage to always limit discourse to all things DLC and all things BUSH.

    So, big deal, their Arts section goes overboard with its political correctness. The Tissue is the house organ of the ruling class.

    I like DOUG'S recollection of the Star Trek episode. Very much on point.


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