Saturday, June 2

I'd really like to spend the weekend in THIS bathroom....

Man. One of my favorite bands evah, Barenaked Ladies. Acoustic bathroom sessions on YouTube. Yep, they are "all about value" and "guaranteed to satisfy."

These guys are a fairly big band...why give it away for free?

For fun. Kinda exactly why I'm here blogging. Look at their faces at the end of this vid:

One of my friends said these videos were great for learning the guitar chords...ha. Looks like they thought of that, too.

My favorite song from that album is Light Up My Room.


  1. They always seem like guys you'd like to have over for a barbeque and a beer.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Yeah, maybe we can learn the chords.

    The words might be another story.

  3. akabini6:26 PM

    I always thought that if we got
    the Barenaked Ladies
    in the same room as
    the Cherry-Poppin' Daddies,
    THEN we'd have a party!

    Keep those panties flying, BG-

  4. Myrtle June11:11 PM

    Hey, you can learn the chords! Thanks Blue Gal. Here's my fave ...

    Saw you over on Drifty's and I'm glad I stopped by. Good stuff, gurl! :)


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