Sunday, June 3

Nice sweater, Emma.

I watched Stranger than Fiction last night (and this morning 'cause it got late) and it's good and BG recommended. I like the sweater Emma Thompson wore in one of the last scenes; it made me think of knitting. I don't want to talk about my own knitting here though so I posted my thoughts at the sister site. Don't use the sister site too often but at times like this it's nice to have.

Salon tomorrow night is on, btw.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I saw a woman wearing a similar sweater last week and she looked ridiculous in it.

    I would caution anyone not to knit something that in the end would make you look silly. (Not that I haven't in the past).

    It would be different if you could try it on in a store, but alas.

    I agree the movie was good. It reminded me of 'Adaptation'

  2. Anonymous10:19 PM

    With the caveat that a movie-still isn't the best way to buy clothing, I have to say that:

    a) Emma Thompson is beautiful, and
    b) Emma Thompson's sweater is beautiful.

    Hope to join you in la salon next eve, to thank you personally for the push which got me blogging.

  3. Word. I dug that movie, but I was greatly disappointed by the ending. It was way too Hollywood.

  4. Manila Ryce said...

    I hear ya, but I wound up being pleasantly surprised by the film as a whole. It was clever, but at times poignant as well.

    (I do a film round-up every year over at my blog, and I put Stranger Than Fiction in the "notable" category for 2006.)

  5. Don't get me started on the whole Emma thing...


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