Monday, January 26

Dear Rod Blagojevich:

"Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen

Oh, nevermind.

It appears that he won't even show up for his own impeachment trial -- because there are no cameras, I suppose. Plus, he really, truly, doesn't know his way around Springfield, Illinois.

PS, Governor. I just realized I coulda saved a down payment if I'd just rented the unused Governor's Mansion from ya. We'd have to clear the dining room table to suit my family's needs, but the table you never eat at looks big enough for glitter glue projects AND macaroni and cheese:

There's a lot of background on Blago and his unpopularity here in Illinois. He really did want to govern like Daley in Chicago, but of course he's not Daley and ahem, Springfield and the state of Illinois is not Chicago, though Blago wants to think it is.

I was gonna go to the trial and all but since the Illinois Senate website is not very forthcoming as to where and how to get in (score one for the Governor, he CAN say he got lost).

I'll probably try having lunch at Augie's or Robbie's and see if I can eavesdrop on any opinions there.

Also, he thinks he's too pretty to go to jail. Really.


  1. Will he climb the cross himself? He hired Drew Petersen's PR firm?

    A small blog that never quite took off:

    Somewhere, P.T. Barnum and H.L. Mencken are giggling uncontrollably.

  2. If you think you're too pretty for jail, then jail is the LAST place you want to go.

    Pretty is a hot commodity at the Grey Bar Hotel.

  3. Just think about how much his hair would suffer in prison. It would be a hairitarian crisis.

  4. Anonymous12:06 PM

    what if they made him wear a hair net in the cafeteria, he might get a cow lick that could break through the concrete walls.


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