Monday, January 5

A Peek at My Weblog Awards Ballot.

The Weblog Awards voting starts later today. Here's how I'm voting. I don't choose to vote in all categories.

Best New Blog: Grace the Spot. It's an LGBT blog, and I don't mean to overlook the two nominated Dem/prog blogs, Democrashield and swimming freestyle, I just like Grace. Nicely written with lots of original content. They're blogrolled, too.

That said, I'm sorry group blogs get lumped in some categories with single shingles. It's hard to do this everyday by yourself.

Best Individual Blogger: Driftglass. There is nothing more to say. He's the best writer in the blogosphere, period. If you need to read more about how much I admire Driftglass, you can read this. And this. And this.

Best Humor Blog: Jon Swift. If only for his community building end of the year post, but wait, there's more: this post is one for the ages.

Best Liberal Blog: I'm voting for myself, but this year bloggers can embed the poll at their own sites, which means I'm screwed, since I have the smallest traffic of all the nominees. Again, it is an honor to be ranked with those with much more traffic, and good will come of this, I'm sure.

Best LGBT Blog: Susie Bright's Journal. She's just so fab. Amazing writing and a sense of humor about sex and life and love. I just love her.

Best Diarist: Blue Girl in a Red State (Blue State). She's been "the other one", or I have, for a while now. This FOBG gets a nod and a big congrats.

Best Very Large Blog: Jesus General. Again, nothing more to say. There is only one General.

Best Large Blog: I love love love Fafblog, but they don't post often enough. You have to be committed to this to get my vote. I'm voting for Skippy.

Best Midsize Blog: Susie at Suburban Guerrilla is a new colleague at Crooks and Liars. It's a shame I can't vote for Amato or David Neiwert as best liberal blogger, too, ha.

Best Small Blog: Wow, that looks like the guest list for a Hugh Hewitt cruise, except for Black Women Blow the Trumpet! and Rumproast. I wish Betty Cracker had been nominated, but she writes for Rumproast, so I'll vote there.

PS. If you're a political blogger, and I can't tell from the frontpage of your blog, or I have to look at your blogroll, to see whose side you're on? That's a fail. Blogging is for advocacy. Start again.

Best Science Blog: Choose between Pharyngula and Bad Astro? Honey, I'm too pretty to die.


  1. PS. If you're a political blogger, and I can't tell from the frontpage of your blog, or I have to look at your blogroll, to see whose side you're on? That's a fail. Blogging is for advocacy. Start again.

    Come on, December was a rough month. =)

  2. Sweet. Being from Crook County I wouldn't know how to vote without a palm card.

    How are you on those "Get out of Jail Free Cards" or picnic permit/courthouse expediting?

    State level might trump county?

    I'll get to work on the fail. Are you saying the small "Lefty Blog" widget thingy is insufficient?

  3. I would propose another litmus test for liberal/progressive viewpoints - The ability to cast a vote for any of the rampant thoughtclowns that populate the Best Conservative Blog category, other than a vote to put them all on a rocket for the Biggest Asshole On The Moon contest.

    Sad to say, I'm not familiar with many of the worthies chosen for finalists, other than the usual suspects (such as the lovely and talented driftglass, and of course our host, the queen of all indie blogging).

    Of course, the likelihood is that these unknown quantities probably don't know me, either.


  4. db you have no idea how tempted I was, writing this post, to endorse a vote for Pammy Atlas. She has posted more pictures of the humongous worldwide protests against the Israeli attacks on Gaza than any other blogger I know. Of course then she throws "Jew hater" comments underneath each pic.

    Also I think we did the "vote for Pammy ironically" thing already with her Youtubes, and she caught wind of that. So maybe not.

  5. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Thanks for the list. I voted. Hey, we can vote once every 24 hours, no?
    Also, a friend is in the running for Best Literary Please vote for her, if inclined.


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