Wednesday, January 28

What Mr. President Knows, and Doesn't Know.

I saw this image over at Fafblog, the wonderful blog that doesn't post often enough, and didn't laugh. In part I didn't laugh out of shame, because I, the Quaker pacifist hippie mommy commie, had been thinking exactly that only the other evening: that Obama probably had to bomb somebody his first week in office, as proof that he was competent in foreign relations. Oy. What a world we live in.

I think Obama is going to learn very quickly that there is no reasoning with Congressional Republicans once you're the opposition party's President. He is no longer across the aisle.

Mister President: there is no reasoning with these people and you must get over the belief, virtuous as it is, that process can be above politics in Washington. You will learn this soon enough, I HOPE, before this turns into a Carter administration. Somebody's gotta get an elbow in the windpipe and, sorry to get personal, but I hope it's Boehner. And of course, I mean that in a completely Quaker pacifist hippie mommy commie sense.


  1. After listening to the pissing and moaning of Republicans yesterday about the stimulus package, it's clear that reason is of no interest to them. They still want us to believe the permanent tax cuts are the cure all to everything.

    They need a collective elbow to the windpipe, knee to the groin and finger poke in the eye. It might not be effective, but it sure will feel good to see it happen.

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    We already know that President Obama is smart. Now we're gonna find out how tough he is, because if he goes John Kerry on us, we're in trouble.

    What I'm afraid of is that President Obama is going to make the same deadly mistake other Democrats have done in the past and try to "compromise" with thugs who don't know what the words mean, and don't care how much damage they do. They don't care about us , and the Republicans would rather see the United States destroyed before they'd let a Democrat save it. The sooner Obama comes to terms with that, the better it is for the rest of us. The ship be sinking.

    You won, Barry. Remember?

    Act like it.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    OK lets step back a moment.

    During the campaign Obama stated that he would support attacks on terrorist in Pakistan. In fact shortly there after the Bush administration launched it's first predator drone attack in Pakistan.

    So why the surprise?

    We have to realistic with our expectations of Obama.

    It seems that everyone who voted for Obama has projected their beliefs on him. I'm not sure if this has ever happened in modern politics but it leads to inevitable disappointment when Obama does not live up to each individuals ideals.

    Obama is just a man, an exceptional man but human none the less.


  4. i agree, he is just a human being and he said that no one would agree with everything he says or does.

    that said, i wish someone would get this thing moving!

    it's pretty clear the the republicans haven't changed their agenda one bit!

  5. Perhaps he could carpet bomb the Republican Caucus?

  6. Giving the pretense of being non-partisan is worth a gesture, but as others have said, it's ultimately meaningless. The GOP caucus that remains is very conservative. What moderates the party had have long since left or been voted out.

  7. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Not a single R vote for the stimulus package.

    Obama now knows the reality of the Wing Nuts.


  8. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I feel the same way you do

    Honestly, the Stimulus package is a piece of crap. There isn't enough stimulus in it. Dems conceded to the Republicans to add tax cuts, which are nice, but they do little to stimulate the economy. And then not one of those pigs voted for it.

  9. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Thank you, Blue Gal. As usual, you hit the nail on the head.

    The Republicans are the best Progress Prevention group in the country.

    When will our street-smart Chicago community organizer use the power we've given him to elbow this baby to the front of the line?

  10. Anonymous9:19 PM

    I hope that the stimulus bill bullshit is one last act of kabuki and given how the republicans all pissed over themselves and refused to give it one vote, that Obama takes the gloves off. I hope, but I do not expect.

  11. Anonymous10:00 PM

    No R votes and still the wealthy got their tax cuts. Crap. You're right. Someone needs to not-so-gently remind the President of most recent 8 years of U.S. history and insist that he not repeat them. Clearly, we need a new messenger to perform this task.

  12. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Well said, though the windpipe would not have been the bodily region that comes first to mind...

  13. you always brighten my day!

  14. Newsflash! Boehner has a new nickname=Bonehead

    The Repugnicans can behave in this punk partisan way.... until the 2010 election, when they get their sorry asses kicked to the curb.

  15. The only bipartisanship that has any reasonable chance of working is that of winning support from a small number of moderate Republicans.


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