Friday, January 23

Now that we've had plenty of time to get to know President Obama....

Love the shirts (and there's a fine post on this same issue) over at Some of Nothing.

Ahem. The honeymoon lasts one. hundred. days. So even PALESTINE is going to get the wait and see treatment, even though (and I love this and her) Nonny Mouse of the Crooks team pointed out regarding liberal impatience:

It's just that when you've been drowning in a huge vat of rancid shit for the past decade, it's hard not to ask the guy pulling you out would he mind doing it just a wee bit bit faster, please.

Or four six plus decades (since at least 1948), in the case of Palestine, but I digress. Please don't let it be the only thing you do this season on behalf of peace and justice, but you are all welcome to join the Valentines for Palestine Facebook group if you are so inclined:

Encourage people you know to divert what they would usually spend on chocolates and roses to humanitarian aid within the Free Gaza movement.

We will also be taking Valentine cards directed towards the Palestinian people. Email an image of your card to or post it here and it may be included in a future book which we plan to publish. The proceeds will also go towards this movement.
Also, if anyone feels there is one humanitarian group that is better suited to our donations than others, please let us know your experience with same in comments. Thanks.


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    So true about the thirst for haste...give him a chance.

    I will dispense with the Valentine...but there is one group I support - it works on helping to improve understanding.

  2. Part of the Palestine problem is that it has been mired in Israeli aggression since 1948.

    Not 1967.

    1967 is just when Israel conquered the last 22% of historic Palestine. The big problems (large scale ethnic cleansing, land grabs and huge populations transfers, refugees, etc.) happened in 1948, when the U.N. made the colossal error of granting a religious group the right to establish a state.

  3. Hey Blue Gal- Thanks for the link! I've been down on my karmic justice efforts lately (feeling muddled and futile). Your post gives me fresh energy and is a good reminder...little things count! So, thanks again!


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