Monday, January 26

salon tonight and my "next" knitting project.

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As you may know by now, Skype announcements are also fiber-related posts. I bought yarn today and here's what I'm gonna make with it.

Alice Starmore's Catherine Parr sweater from Tudor Roses (a knitting book so very out of print). I'll be knitting it in a purple-toned gray with berry accents, slightly finer guage than called for, and of course, knit in the round, because that is the only way I would ever approach a sweater like this. Period.

Original finished sweater (yeah I'm a bit jealous) from WIPinsanity. And remember, you are not cheating on your "finish the UFO's" goal if you merely swatch something new. :)

And I'm going to call this one my "Obama Sweater" because it will probably take me his entire first term to finish it.


  1. People are gonna laugh at me now, but as a kid I taught my sisters to knit and made stuffed animals for them at Christmas.

    I'm a Dude.
    Couldn't handle the time it took to make anything more than a doily, however, and now make these.

    Too bad 2% of the population can do anything with their hands these days. You have more patience than I, yet there is nothing nicer than a custom sweater. I'm more inclined to design a machine to knit one, however. ;-)

    (FWIW, I used to play with my tools and electronic test equipment stash - way after 8...)

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I'm all for knitting in the round. HATE sewing. I'll spin the yarn and knit with joy, but when I have to push yarn through the eye of a needle, a dark cloud descends on my mood.

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    That's an amazing pattern on the sweater. Would u consider a red, white and blue colorway? for obama of course!

  4. Red White and Blue? No, I would not. Even for Obama.

  5. Don't make this your only project. Right now I have 4 projects going - 2 lace shawls, eris and rebecca. The point is to have different knitting for different moods. The lace shawls are for when I am wide awake and not watching tv or talking. Rebecca is for when I am wide awake and watching tv (or talking). Eris is at the stage that it is just mindless stockinette - so it is for anytime I feel like it.

    Of course, this doesn't count the two projects that I might never finish.


  6. Liz, thank you for not mentioning the trunk full of UFO's and the six projects I've got going right now. I know, I know. LOVE, BG


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