Thursday, January 15

Reprising a post for Dennis Prager, Love Muffin

I'm kind of late to the whole Dennis "she at least owes me a hand job at the end of a long day" Prager story, so I decided to reprise this post from 2007. Enjoy, and please consider donating nine bucks or less into the tip hat. Four years of writing like this works up an appetite. Ask Dennis. And thank you.

Republic of Dogs (original link was broken, this is their main site and they have written about Craig's list more than once) has been combing the Craig's List personals so I don't have to. Not that I would, but still:

I want a cute petite girl who dont mind moving right in with a man after a few weeks of dating. I hate going out and looking for woman so I figured I would try this.

Yeah, "looking for woman" is such a pain in the butt. They're always out of them at AutoZone.

and this one:

Hi, Matt from Wilmington. Im looking to get a BJ and like twice or three times a week with the same person. I’m clean and disease free so should you. No prostitutes please. I’m just looking for a normal girl who loves roses, who is laid back and up for doing this about 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks Matt.

If your serious, please send a few photos and your stats.

Oh yeah, you had me until you asked for "normal." And not knowing the difference between your and you're is an automatic disqualification, anyway.

I've been reading a few "self-help/relationship" books this year and gotta say there's a real proclivity, even among male Ph.D. authors, to portray men as having absolutely no emotional needs apart from sex. I don't support that, in spite of the above [and Dennis Prager].

I love what commenter Ricky Shambles added to the discussion:
Popular media - especially in the last few years - has been flooding our culture with the horny oaf male archetype, e.g., "Home Improvement," "King of Queens," most Time Warner Cable commercials. This negative stereotype feed[s] the degradation of male behavior towards this lowest common denominator while simultaneously pushing the female role in relation to the husband/boyfriend as more of a caretaker/parent from which he -the child- must seek approval, as opposed to an equal partnership.

If we as feminists seek equality, we need to call out that kind of crap against men, even, and especially, when they try to play it. When I read Prager's article, I kept thinking of him sitting in a high chair demanding Gerber carrots in a jar. His "I'm entitled to sex waah" argument is more than sexist, it's infantile. And it makes Dennis Prager, I have no doubt, a lousy lay. Yes, I'm talking to you, Dennis Prager. (Googles his own name? Betcha.) Grow up.

By the way, you two Craig's List guys: "proclivity" is not a sapphic or even gynocentric term--oh nevermind.


  1. i love love love to know if they find anyone!


  2. "Popular media - especially in the last few years - has been flooding our culture with the horny oaf male archetype, e.g., "Home Improvement," "King of Queens," most Time Warner Cable commercials."

    The propagation of these male stereotypes is a by-product of the same type of marketing that had people thinking Bush would be a better president because you'd rather sit down and have a beer with him instead of Gore or Kerry.

    Tap The Rockies!

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    You do know that Dennis finally posted Part 2 of his The Penis Monologue?

    OK, that said, stereotypes hurt all of us - men are dumb, women are shrews, Minority X cannot drive, Minority Y is sex crazed... yadda, yadda, yadda. Who does this help?




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