Friday, January 9

I dreamed I gave Michelle Obama a peanut butter sandwich in my Maidenform bra...

True, except for the bra part.

I gotta get out of the house today.

Email from one of my stepdaughter's friends in England says vote for Created in Birmingham for best UK blog. The competition is Thatcherite, she tells me. I voted and dang that's a very close race, so close my small dose of readers could actually make a difference....CiB is losing by 51 votes. So if you want to do something nice today, there ya go.

Vote for Driftglass
, too, of course. He's more fierce than nice, but we need that in a blogger. I just sent a dare to Wonkette...can they move one thousand votes in one day? I double dog dare them.

PS. Dear Mister President Elect: Talking to Hamas is the very least you can do.


  1. i did!

    hope your weekend's a good one.

  2. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Thanks very much for supporting Created in Birmingham

  3. Yes, yes, but was it "extra crunchy" or "creamy smooth"??

    (Um, not the peanut butter, the maidenform bra.)

  4. Done and done. Thanks for the prod.

  5. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I did!
    And she's ahead!

    (Of course, now I should go check out her blog so I don't feel like a mindless sheep who just does things because her great good friend tells her to.)

  6. Brilliant - thanks for the votes. I just sent Driftglass a vote at your suggestion.

    You might have seen Created in Birmingham now has a very slender lead, so thanks so much.

    Chris Unitt, Created in Birmingham


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