Tuesday, January 6

For those of you who need to be told
how to live a liberal lifestyle.

Wow, did any of you hear about the brand new book from the Nation? They're selling a book. But wait, it's more than a book. It's a, wait for it...

lifestyle guide for liberals.

No, really.

Part Whole Earth Catalog, part 1000 Places to See Before You Die, and part Zagat Guide...

What, no motherfuckin' Moosewood Cookbook? Those of us who remember when Foxfire meant more than Firefox are feeling dissed, here.

THE NATION GUIDE TO THE NATION is the essential lifestyle guide for liberals across the land...

Okay there are two words in that fragment that almost sit well with me: "the" and "for".

...and will be published this January just in time for the inauguration of President Obama,

An implied endorsement? Tell me your marketing people checked to see about placement in the "election award ceremony" goodie bags.

and the ushering in of a new era of liberal culture.

Because the real problem is, Democratic boomers have felt left out of the whole "center of the goddamn universe" thing under Bush.

Edited by The Nation’s own Richard Lingeman, and with an introduction by Publisher Emeritus Victor Navasky and current Editor and Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel,

Sorry Katrina, being the thinking man's Arianna Huffington means you never, ever write a forward. I oughta know.

THE NATION GUIDE is a one stop shop for liberals and progressives all over America.

And Super Walmart sells organic produce for the same exact reason.

• Where to find a customized hemp wedding dress

Wear it once, smoke it on your honeymoon! It's earth-friendly!

• Summer camps to foster liberal ideals in your children

What, MY kids? The same kids who fight over who is going to wear Mommy's "I obey the Geneva Convention" organic cotton t-shirt to bed? Too late.

• Where to tune in to liberal talk radio in Utah

They only have liberal talk radio in Utah so they know who to shun.

• Blogs, museums, bookstores, think tanks, churches, spas, and more

Hey, I'll blog more about your book after my progressive "think tank" interview. Now I gotta dash to the spa, and then drop my museum coffeetable independent bookstore purchase off at church. Let's sew/smoke some hemp later! Rock on....


  1. hhmmm, I am torn....shred it and put in the kitty litter ? or what else should I do with it....???? omg...unreal....it' like they think that liberals are some kind of Leper that they need to warn people about ???

    okay....I am going to go not shave my legs and make some yogurt and macrame and throw some pots....

    and yeah, I will meet you at Church Blue Gal...I will be the one swearing at the minister about the fucking repugs and their neoconal stupidity...asking when does it stop ?????

  2. Wow, that and the 'Huffington Post guide to blogging' and who knows what liberal naughtiness this evening will bring this morning?


    "...Brought to you by the by the authors of the international bestseller, 'Sit Down, Shut Up and Do What You're Told - A guide to getting along' - Get it today!"

  3. the ads read like satire!

    geeeezzz, lock stepping liberals?

    no thanks.

  4. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Geez so nasty. I haven't seen it or read it but it's such an odd thing to pick on -- I live in a small town that's pretty isolated and I'd have to think there's nothing wrong with some interesting ideas. Did someone come hit you in the face with a copy or drop it on your kids! Maybe you should smoke that dress.

  5. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Well, nothing like judging a book by its cover. Can we send you a copy so you can see it for yourself? We'd be glad to ship one over.

  6. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Hey hey... I'm a first time reader, and I laughed my ass off. You're effin hilarious.


    After reviewing what this book has to offer, I've decided I need to get my conservative booty over to the bookstore and learn to get with it or get out of the way.

  7. Peter dahlink! You're my "guide to expressing informed dissent to war, racism, sexism, environmental degradation and market-based solutions to social problems"! Your email to bluegalsblog AT gmail gets my snail mail of course. Better than an inaugural goodie bag cell phone charm. xoxo

  8. PS. Peter? Does this mean I'm disinvited from the Manhattan launch party?

  9. I lost my liberal agenda, what am I supposed to do at 10:00 on Tuesday nights?

  10. Anonymous9:00 PM

    I'm flabbergasted. Wonder who green lighted this one.

  11. Who needs the Peace Corps?


    Based on the blurbs, my opinion is that it scans more like a reprogramming guide.

    The target market already knows where all these resources are in their home towns, and old road rats like me are hip enough to the new tech to dial ahead, so the takeaway is a dead tree trove with a finite shelf life in the New Real.

    Now, if we're writing to get reforming conservatives to revolt into style, fine... but 'breaking the set' on reactionary behaviors is going to take more than any book can give.

    That said, far be it from me to interfere with another's sales curve. Money's tight.


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