Tuesday, January 13

The Joy of Not Winning...

I started my day way too early this morning in an attempt to resume writing morning pages a la The Artist's Way. I recommend Artist's Way to people who feel creatively stuck, but I have to confess that for me, in less than sixteen LINES I was writing this post. Longhand. Julia Cameron? I got your morning pages right here. - BG

Well, I didn't exactly come in dead last in the Weblog Awards prize for best liberal blog, and I'm astonished and humbled by every single vote, and especially by those bloggers who took time and post-space to mention me. Some even wrote me emails like this one:

You're not losing. By any measurement you're kicking ass. Every one of your fans is giving you non-automaton real human love.


And so many of you voted for Driftglass. His award (yay!) is so richly deserved. I don't know another blogger who combines amazing photoshopping with blow-you-away writing. And while he remains somewhat aloof in the blog world, he has found time to participate in the blogswarms Spartacus (which was his idea), Zappadan, and Blog Against Theocracy. He also helped me greatly during my last quarterly fundraiser, so any wee help I was in getting him some votes? Feh.

Speaking of blogswarms and fundraisers...

My next big project is Blog Against Theocracy, April 10-12. I'll be cleaning up my blogroll and email lists in the coming days, so don't be surprised, small bloggers, if you hear from me. It's like the President-elect said to me right after voting for Drifty on his Blackberry:

If my community organizing (in addition to the funny video agitprop and sometimes pretty good writing) are worth something to you, I'm asking for this quarterly fundraiser that you drop nine dollars or less into the BG hat. The "nine" is to celebrate that we don't have a ninth year of George W. Bush in office, and that times are tough. Come to think of it, I pay a buck more than that for one hour of babysitting, which I can't afford.

If I've learned one thing from blogging, it's this:

It's amazing what we can do, as bloggers, thinkers, citizens, etc. when we turn off the fear in our heads and listen to what our hearts tell us our small contribution is worth.

Thank you.

If you're not a regular reader, but you feel sorry for me about the Weblog awards (yes, that would be you, Wonkette) you especially need to drop nine bucks in the hat. And thanks.


  1. If the percentages hold where they are you are a perfect 10. (Decimals are relative.) Fitting.

    PLUS, you deserve major scraping and bowing for the Driftglass uprising.

    Your squeaky-wheeledness is a priceless asset to all us little folks. Your constant nagging (in only the good meaning) can make the difference between gnawing through the last strand of the restraints or hitting the snooze button...again.

    I know that when the change comes, you're there already waiting; wondering what took so long. I know this because I've been watching you wait.[g] Not like stalking watching, just, you know, neighbors...

  2. Even better ELEVENTY!!

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    All positive sentiments are echoed around the blogchamber and I know that all the little guys you have mentored and inspired are grateful.

    You have been and continue to be a true role model.

  4. BG, you're a winner in my book.

    Next year Wonkette goes down, and it won't be in the back of a Beltway limo, either.



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