Friday, January 23

One of these things, doesn't belong here....

I woke up to an email about the Bloggie awards and not only am I burnt out on awards stuff, it's mostly big blogs over there and I don't giveashit. But I did vote for Yarn Harlot for best craft blog because it's knitting & I love her.

Otherwise, if you want to pick the winners on the ballot, might as well vote for whoever Wonkette says to. Jim Newell over there is a genuinely nice guy.

And someone in the pictured category irony-ed my panties. If nominating Eschaton to that category is serious that's just sad. If it's a joke, that's also just sad. And they robbed Six Sentences of a well-deserved nomination. Just sayin'.

PS. Yep, I'm late to this party, and Bill Kristol is still batshit crazy.


  1. I agree damnit! Support the small blog as well as your local business.

    I actually just clicked through, and voted for a bunch of blogs I never heard of.

  2. I ignore the Oscars, Emmys and all the other self-congratulatory back patting stuff. Blogs awards get the same treatment. So what, that's what I think.

  3. for a wonderful knitting blog - check out will thank me! I am a sucker for beautiful photography and elegant knits!

  4. Batshit crazy is way too polite.

  5. bill kristol is worse than bat shit crazy

    can they give an award to the worst awards already


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