Friday, March 11

C'mon, let's go outside....

Repeat after Blue Gal:

Bono does not need to be President of World Bank.
Al Franken does not need to be Senator from Minnesota.
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 does not need an Oscar.

And Jesus Christ does not need to be on the State House walls.

Why, oh why, when we find someone who is actually telling the truth, do we need so desperately to legitimize him or her? Jesus did not, repeat, NOT, join Pilate's cabinet, for crissake. I mean, for Christ's sake.

C'mon, let's go outside...


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    Welcome to frustration!

    I share your frustration!

    The problem, Fran, is just that people aren't capable of thinking in the sort of paradigm of smartness that we exist in.

    That sounds like the most utterly, pompous, elitist, presumptous thing ever, but sadly, it's the truth.

    think of it this way.

    we get mad at ignorance ALL the time.

    but ignorance is nothing more than fear caused by insecurity.

    so how can we really get mad at them?

    It's like getting mad at a 14 year for not being able to read "War and Peace"

    when no one bothered to teach him what A, B, and C means.

    ignorance is not stupidity.

    they just don't know any better.

  2. There seems to be a stupidity- and lack-of-creativity amlificiation effect of mass media.

    Not that people are any stupider than before, but rather that along with the massive amounts of information to filter, one also is constantly bombarded by images and sounds and opinions of such quality and clarity that readers, viewers, listeners just give up.

    It's a little like those air-brushed models in magazines: there's no way I'll ever fit into a size 2 or have plastic, Barbie-doll skin. So why even try?

    I've been noticing the deleterious effect of excess perfection in rather too many parts of our culutre. Ignorance as opposed to knowledge seems to be a special case of the general phenomenon.


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