Thursday, May 5

A peek inside Blue Gal's email...

So Blue Gal's readin her email and these two thangs just caught her brain at exactly the same time and she's thinkin, coincidence?

"Last Sunday, Pat Robertson went on national television to say liberal judges posed a greater threat to America than the Civil War, the Nazis or "a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings."

And then Blue Gal got an email regarding this pleasant summer read. Mebbe Blue Gal will send a copy to Pat Robertson. [Be sure to read the Publisher Comments, folks.]

Doesn't anyone remember when Poppa Bush told Robertson to put up or shut up during the 1988 primaries?

We must have faith, though. Look at what's happening to our dear friends at ClearChannel. Evil will destroy the money, people.


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  1. There used to be a time in America...long before both of us were born...when liberals and conservatives could agree to disagree about issues. I, too, am dismayed about the socially acceptable levels of anger and viciousness that seem to be pervasive these days betweens blue people and red people.

    Mr. Robertson is spouting forth such irrational rhetoric because he knows he is fighting a losing battle. And you are quite correct, Blue Gal, right does win out in the end.


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