Sunday, August 14

Blue Gal's dirty little secret

Blue Gal is using Stat Counter to learn where her fandom is coming from (but not your real identities, more's the shame). 

 Anyway, apart from Blogexplosion, the majority of readers of Blue Gal lately have come from search engines. And to you searchers all Blue Gal can say is, 

panties, panties, panties, panties, panties. 

 If I'd known just one mention of panties would bring so much traffic, I would have called my blog "Blue Gal's panties in a Red State wad". Thanks for stopping by! Just remember...



  1. We at Falafel Sex rely heavily on the Sponge Bob and Disney Sex searches for our readership. We aren't proud.

  2. Felafel Sex is one of the better blogs out there. See Blue Gal's sidebar for a link.

  3. Don't forget the "I eat pussy and the power of positive thinking by Peale" search. We are trying to corner the alliterative search term market.

    Thanks for blogrolling us. Be glad to return the favor. Nice digs ya got here.

    Abby at Falafel Sex

  4. Stat Counter can definitely be an eye-opener. I keep getting hits for 'chloroformed mom', which is just wrong in oh-so-many ways. (I can't even figure out why -- I don't think the word 'chloroformed' appears anywhere on my blog.)

  5. I made the mistake of posting about Scarlett Johansen getting groped by Mizrahi. Now half my hits are from those search words.

  6. My original blogging efforts included Wednesday Naked Frog Blog day, where I would post pictures of naked frogs (you know, frogs, like Kermit and strawberry dart and bull, that sort of thing) because I was dying to see someone show up by searching for "frog porn". I stopped posting the naked frogs when, finally, someone showed up at my site as a result of searching for the words "frog porn".

    But I'll have to try "panties" and see what that does to my traffic.

  7. Well, I posted about Laura Bush on Xanax having lesbian sex with a transexual Karen Huge.

    Oh, and her husband is hung like a bee.

    I may never have a spam free day again.



  8. Heh. Comment tracking/link hopping still happens. I last linked from Spork In A Drawer, saw a post at Global Citizen's site (with a name almost like yours) and thought I'd check back as I haven't passed through in a while.

  9. Anonymous10:50 AM

    a) What?!? no freaking pantie pics? what a stinking rip!

    b) What the is the point of posting the time if you don't post the day of the comment? What a useless waste of information space.

    c) If intelligence is your aphrodisiac of choice, then why lure college drunks searching for 15 yr olds hooking for bikers?

    Just asking, marketing geniuses.

  10. Anonymous3:43 AM

    it's funny you bring this up, because i seem to get most of my traffic from search engines looking for "lesbian vampires". so every once awhile i post some sort of offhand comment like, "hm, i see i'm still getting a lot of traffic looking for lesbian vampires..." i'm not selling advertising though, so it's mostly for entertainment value.

  11. Everyone knows the Internet is for Porn...just seen your blog from another and BAM; seen your panties topic, then nosy mode!!!

  12. Anonymous4:08 PM

    Actually, it was the BlueGal's Dirty Little Secret part that got me interested.

    Panties? They're just impediments to passing on intellectual information.

  13. Anonymous1:59 AM

    naked carrots was a funny one i saw ages ago

  14. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Found the nude carrot man page i thought it was long gone! Not too sure if blog admin is down with paste a url so i won't. Do a search for nude carrot man it is teh funny.

  15. Panties as an attractor? Hmm. Whooda thunk? I think you may be on to something. I'll have to think of a way to work panties in to my blog. I wonder if all this mention of panties and sex and librarians (oops...that is mine) on your comments brings more naughty traffic.

  16. Anonymous3:48 AM

    I hate thongs, though. I can't see the point of them.

  17. Panties she's got a crafty way of knowing that every one wants to get a peek in the "Panties".Folk's even been known to pay to peek since the start of time. No mas pantalonies


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