Saturday, September 30

How to post a You Tube, if you're interested

Most of you bloggers know how to do this, but my fellow bloggers at the Aristocrats didn't, so I thought I'd post this for anyone who needs it.

It's just a few basic steps.

Find the youtube.
Copy the code next to the youtube that says "embed"
Paste it into a post at your own blog (make sure you are pasting on the "Edit Html" tab)
On Aristocrats and most Blogger blogs, change (width to 400 and height to 329) in two separate places where width and height are shown.

The width of my main column is 400 pixels. Height of 329 keeps the proportion right.

Add any text you want and a title and that's it.


  1. Got almost
    as many panties as Blue Gal

    Except Blue Gal's are harder to get hold of. You have to win them as a prize with a caption:

    "Now I know what it's like to visit Blue Gal's pad - Panty heaven!"

    And BG you know which one's I like.

  2. PS - This one is for you
    a moment of magic or two
    "Life Inside A Cell" youtube
    Enjoy! - And Have A Nice Day!

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    That post is so you :)

  4. Great idea to post these instructions where all can see them. I was so stoopud (way worse than merely stupid, BTW) that I have laboriously taught one person at a time by email. One REALLY important thing. The copy/paste of the embed code MUST be done in HTML mode in the editor, not compose mode. I know it seems obvious, but it escapes a lot of people who never use the HTML mode because it scares them like spiders or snakes.

  5. And if anyone would like to add a link to the First Freedom First web site to their blog there is HTML code available at:

  6. Thanks Blue Gal! I thought for sure when I started reading this post that you were talking about my blog (didn't help that you wrote a comment there recently, fueling my belief), as I do have you tubes up that are cut off. Some of us are new to this blogging thing, and while I am a certified computer technician (hardware and operating systems), I am not a web coder. Something I have to constantly remind our work web design team...just because I know how to fix your computer does not translate into knowing the in's and out's of every bit of software used in my company...sheesh. There, rant over :) Thanks again!! Now off to fix those You Tube videos!

  7. are we able to leave a youtube pic on the comment page?

  8. no you can't. But you can leave the URL of the youtube for people to click for themselves.


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