Monday, August 6

The Bin Laden PDB blogswarm

Fax of the actual PDB is here. (thanks Doug) You can check the

Google Blog or


searches to see who else is blogging. (There's no need to send post to me, just make sure your post includes the term PDB blogswarm to be included in the searches. I'll be checking them out.)

Tengrain from Mock, Paper, Scissors did a logo for the blogswarm. Word has it Harriet is handing George the Bin Laden memo right 'chere.

More: Paul at Aristocrats found this at Center for American Progress: talking points for your post if you need some writing prompts.

This Monday, August 6 is the six-year anniversary of the Presidential Daily Briefing entitled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US."

This story from Alternet
confirms the date of the PDB and points out that Presidential intelligence is one more thing that's being outsourced (she said without irony).

Join our little blogswarm if you like and watch this space.

BTW credit where credit is due the original idea is Ripley's from Zen Cabin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's too late to put together a blogswarm site with links so please include "PDB" for Presidential Daily Briefing in your post or tag. Technorati and/or Google Blog Search will pick these up. Thanks.

Salon tonight I'll have link up below in a few. Thanks.


  1. c'mon blue gal
    you write: "Presidential intelligence"

    an oxymoron if i ever heard one ---- and the word oxymoron --- perfect for Bush in SO many ways.

    we should go have a few drinks to celebrate the anniversary of Condi's complete incompetence.

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    What about a blogswarm against the Democrats Blue Gal to put pressure on them?

    I know I've made myself unpopular among the "Liberals" for criticizing them, but are they not equally culpable?

    You, me, everyone who criticizes this government can be spied upon, arrested without due process, have our assets seized without charges, etc.

    This could not happen if the Dems stood up to Bush, filibustered, stalled, spoke out en masse, but they have not.

    They have capitulated, and soon there will no way for us to undo what Bush and Co. have done.

    The Dems joined in yesterday to help Bush pass his modified surveillance program. Why? Why, after so many abuses have already been uncovered?

    There are more troops in Iraq than before the 2004 Election. The funding for the war was increased, Bush has issued more executive orders with little to no resistance, Bonzo committed perjury, Libby was set free, on and fucking on.

    Do you think the average German anticipated what was to come under Hitler's reign? Do you think they knew that one day the phrase "Enemy of the State" would mean potentially everyone?

    Where is the line? And once it's crossed what do we do then?

  3. I'm in. And I'll be discussing it on my webradio show Monday as well.

    Thanks for bringing this out, Blue Gal, and everyone involved as well.

    (And fairlane, I'm with you, definitely.)

  4. Fairlane everything you said is exactly why I'm knocking on virtual doors for Kucinich. Just saying.

  5. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Thanks for the props, Blue Gal

    Fairlane: word.



  6. Anonymous2:30 AM

    I know Blue Gal. I'm not bitching at you. I'm just pissed off about what's going on.

    I have a 3 year old daughter, and I fear for her future. All of our futures.

    Not to be dramatic, but fuck!

  7. We just sink deeper and deeper. I think we're all at the point where anger is an understatement.

  8. I have a three year old daughter, too, Fairlane. We're talking here, not arguing.

    I'll bump up your comment to a main post this week so more can join the conversation. Thanks.

  9. also

    August 6, 2007 is the 62nd anniversary of the Atomic Bomb dropping on Hiroshima.

    only the Bush adminstration would ignore an obvious bombshell on the day of the bomb

    i HATE that man

  10. Hi ya! Like the "theocracy" I've put something up to let others know to join in and link to you. ; )

  11. Count me in. I sure would like to see that icon turned into a bumper sticker. It would grace the back of my car for sure.

    And I agree with what has been said prior to this. I'm tired of spineless Democrats playing politics with vital issues like our own rights to freedom and privacy.

    However, hopefully with the election of a Democratic president we can undo the damage done by our latest national disaster.

  12. i'll have something but i am so discouraged with what i've seen so far from the democrats that it just makes me weary.

    i will keep on keep'n on tho!

  13. Sherry echoes my frustration. It's like everyone for themselves as we watch the Titanic sink.

  14. Anonymous9:22 PM

    Here's a link to the Actual Memo that was declassified.

  15. Anonymous11:06 PM

    I've got a shout out tonight and, as you know, I'm in for tomorrow, too.

  16. I'm in too, Blue Gal.

    I was out of town for the 4th of July swarm and felt that I've 'owed' you a post since then... Glad that finally, I could remedy the situation.

    And I don't know how I overlooked it but h/t to Distributorcap for reminding me about Hiroshima being on the 6th, too.

  17. BG,
    I participated in the first blog against theocracy...but too many blogswarms will lose the effect. Good cause though.

  18. I'm in, with cartoons at Hypnocrites, reposted at The Daily Pulse, an front-paged at My Left Wing

  19. Mine's up. And once again, thank you for rallying the group.

  20. p.s. i posted on

    as well. i was asked to join this new venture a few weeks ago.

    there are 13 of us so far.

  21. Here's my post for the blogswarm. I tried to capture the poignance and importance of this day.

    I'll also audio-blogswarm it on Blast Off! Radio at 12:30 Eastern today. (It'll be archived through that link if you miss it.)

  22. Anonymous11:52 AM

    As far as I'm concerned this was the day that set the dominos falling. By strange coincidence it also falls on Hiroshima Day.

    Anyway, my Blogswarm post is here.

  23. I'm having a heckuva time getting my contribution onto Technorati. Grr.


  24. It was a minority of Dems that sold out, but it was a crucial minority, and some of the culprits are especially disappointing. And did any Republicans vote against this? Why was this a hard call for any of them? This vote is almost as bad as the AUMF in 2002 and the Military Commission Act of 2006. No sane, intelligent, principled person could vote to give more power to Alberto Gonzales when Congress doesn't even know the details of what the Bush administration has already done and is doing!

  25. The audio PDB blogswarm is available through this link.

    Thanks to Blue Gal and everyone participating for all you're doing.

  26. Anonymous12:46 PM

    My post is up with links to others as I come across them. (If I've missed you, drop a comment on my site or e-mail me: ripley>

    Thanks for lending your megaphone to this, BG.

  27. Another great idea from Blue Gal and company. Here is my post.

  28. here is mine..
    and it happens to also be the anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima

    two mushroom clouds in one day....
    Condi and Little Boy (Fat Man was dropped on Nagasaki)

    Condi and Hiroshima=Aug 6

  29. Anonymous1:56 PM

    gah. didn't see you were doing this, Blue Gal. got the email from Tengrain last night, had a late start to today, and just dove in. if folks want, though, feel free to comment under the posts here, and i'll do a linky writeup for you.

  30. Thanks, Ripley and Blue Gal (and Tengrain!). My post focused on the passage from The One Percent Doctrine relating the "All right, you've covered your ass now," incident. I also linked video of Rice's testimony to the 9/11 Commission – her BS claims about the PDB being a "historical document." I don't see how anyone can read the PDB, listen to Rice, and claim with a straight face she wasn't lying. There's a real gutlessness on the part of the MSM and too many elected Dems (not to mention almost all elected Republicans) that Rice and Bush weren't thrown out of office for this crap. The press doesn't want to revisit its own culpability, and I think there's also a great deal of cognitive dissonance at work — "Surely no one could be so incompetent, neglient or dangerous in higher office, therefore they must not be!" Hey, who are you going to believe, the Bushies or your lying eyes? ;-)

  31. Damn! 32 comments? I got my entry linked on Buzzflash and it's attracted a whole three comments. What am I doing wrong?

    Maybe I went with a WTC graphic instead of the one that Ripley had provided for us. Did I go wrong doing that?

  32. Thanks Ripley, Blue Gal and Tengrain for the great graphic.

    I just pointed out that it happened on Bush's watch. It doesn't matter how dumb you are, if you get torpedoed and you've got the watch, it's your fault.

    We are not amused.

    Jurassic Pork... not to worry, I got two comments but on the Canadian Progressive Bloggers aggregator it went for a ride. Sometimes people just like to read.

  33. Here's my tendentious, confusing and long winded effort.

    For J.Pork: THREE comments! MY GAWD MAN! You are being Swarmed!! I'll be lucky if I get a comment FROM MYSELF!

    Anyway... love these blogswarms.

  34. P.S. On the blogswarm against Dems... If it's all about spineless Dems, I'm all for it. (Heck... make it about Dems in general and I'll just work with it.) The FISA business really has me cranked. But there is a core minority of Dems in Congress who have it right. They just can't get anywhere against the Republicans and spineless Dems when push comes to shove.

  35. Anonymous9:14 AM

    No one could have predicted:

    1) the terrorists would fly planes into the towers;

    2) the levees would be overtopped;

    3) the Sunnis and Shias would kill each other;

    4) the return of the Tabliban ...

    I know there are more of these ...


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