Friday, November 13

Damn Right I'm Whining!!!

But Mom! I don't want to link to Huffpo! I don't want to write about class and pregnancy! I did that very very well back in May! I don't want to post how women in their 20's who have a clue about life planning so often don't have health insurance! I don't want to blog about how when Mika Brezezinski starts her "Don't Forget to Have Kids" article with "When I speak to young women about life lessons and TV career choices" we can stop reading right there because she's only talking to a group of women isolated inside some probably-educational institution that can afford Mika's $15-25 K speaking fee! Geebus, I wrote exactly one week ago about poverty and lack of educational opportunity for public school children. And I don't want to write about class-blindness or plain total class-obstinacy among the media villagers! I don't want to write about Morning Joe's cop-out that anyone who vociferously disagrees with him are "haters," and Mika seems to have caught that bug!

But apparently my alternative is to blog about Hillary Clinton and her interaction with a group whose initials are MILF. So here you go.

Because I stole the above caption from Anne Taintor (goddess) here's a link to her stuff and a totally on-topic image of the real deal:


  1. Oh, f*ck, you linked to HuffPo. Now the serious tone of this debate will be sullied with the breezy vagaries of Pop life.

    Alas, dear Mika - staking her threadbare claim to relevance in a burgeoning post-media environment just before the outhouse goes up in flames, but sadly forgetting just how limited that relevance becomes in direct proportion to the thickness of her personal surrounding bubble...which is very thick indeed, although miniscule by comparison to her co-host's protective ego shell that smugly cocoons his quaint notions regarding any topic that one might care to name.


  2. Mika might want to check out what Lynn Margulis has to say about that whole family and career thing, although the above mentioned bubble may exempt her personally (that and the fact of her not being a scientist like Lynn Margulis), but perhaps not the women she's giving advice to...

    -Doug in Oakland

  3. Every time Morning Joe is mentioned, I feel an ethical obligation to point out that the murder of his then congressional staffer Lori Klausutis needs a serious and thorough investigation.


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