Friday, July 8

A day late and a photoshop short (Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival) #MyPP

And before anyone goes all "Sacrilege!" on my ass, I believe in my heart of hearts that Mary is the mother and sister and companion to every frightened girl who enters a Planned Parenthood clinic for HELP. And I know for a fact that not every pregnant woman who enters a PP clinic gets an abortion. Many of them go there so their babies will be born HEALTHY. And in many parts of the country, it's the only place many women CAN go for prenatal care. Think about that, fundie mofos.

Done for the My Planned Parenthood Blog Carnival.


  1. I just want to say "Congratulations!" to your ass.

    Ha! And a fine ass it is.

    Thanks for saying what Mary really means to many women: a source of comfort and blessings during hard times.

    And having lived all over the U.S., I can vouch for Planned Parenthood's bonafides as the best place for women of all descriptions to get aid with all types of health questions and services.

    Long live Planned Parenthood!

    Thanks, BG.

    You rock.


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