Sunday, November 4

Today is my EIGHT YEAR Blogiversary

To those of you who remember when I used to post uninhabited panties with every post, when I did audio blogs and video blogs by myself, when I lived in Alabama and went on hard times and my readers bought me a new laptop, the skype chats, salons, meet-ups, and above all, the laughs, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FRIEND.



  1. Ha! Got you beat by a tiny smidgeon, you precocious youngster! (My "first time" was November 2, 2004.) Was Driftglass about the same time? A little earlier? later? Regardless, I think we're all probably of about the same generation. I like that. Makes me feel both less lonely and in good company. :-)

    I'll make you a special "blogaversary" card. Haven't designed it yet, and I can't promise it'll be worth waiting for. But I can assure you it will reference what I know of you and Driftglass and the kids and the cats and Chicago and Springfield….

    Main thing is, congratulations. Let's you and Driftglass and I and many, many others plan to write special celebratory commemorative entries on Tuesday night.



    No, don't even hint at the thought we might lose or even that we'll have to wait until lawyers and courts and recounts resolve things weeks or months later.

  2. As talented as you are, I expected those panties to be photoshopped to tatters!
    Eight years... are we having too much fun yet?
    Hell no.
    Thanks for being here through thick and thin, Fran.


  3. Happy Anniversary, BG! And many more!!

  4. StonyPillow5:05 AM

    Uninhabited, but always uninhibited. And while you may no longer flaunt them, ladies and gentlemen know they're still there.

    Congratulations and many thanks.

  5. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Now that your posts are mostly "commando," I can concentrate on the excellent content without my Inner Adolescent pointing and laughing and saying, "Panties huhuhuhuh!!"

    Thanks for being an inspiration to so many of us, Fran. You're the best!

  6. Happy blogiversary!

    (Ah, yes, the traditional eighth year gift, panties...)

  7. Many happy returns of the day, BlogMommy!

    All we lowly commenters you've coaxed into elevating our game owe you something. That list is long and ever growing.

    You'll collect someday. Until then, keep being vituperative and voluptuous! Keep inciting, enticing and drawing people into the fight. Until we outnumber them in numbers too big to ignore.

    But at some point please consider reviving the BG Monday Night Chat Room! I do miss it so.

  8. BG, we all chipped in, and got you a few things: gay marriage, legal pot, Elizabeth Warren, and a black president.

    (Also, Karl Rove and many wingnuts crying.)

  9. Wow! That's right - we have our blogiversaries at the same time! 2004 - can you believe it? My poor Hooterville has been sadly neglected for the last couple of years - down but not out, and I am now picking up the reins again. My blogiversary is (as I look back) on the 16th, so it'll be Friday.

    So much has changed, and I'm so glad that you and Driftglass found each other and that you're still keeping on keeping on! And, yes - I remember the panties. Also, "I Love Tom DeLay"! That was fun.

    Love ya, Fran - keep on fighting the good fight! And say 'hi' to your feller for me. Maybe we'll meet again at another Netroots sometime. This year is close to home for me. xoxo Alicia

  10. I didn't start blogging on that date eight years ago. My wife and I started making plans to emigrate to Australia.

    We had been proclaiming all summer of 2004 "If Bush gets back in office, we're leaving the country!" I didn't want to look like a poseur who was not true to his word. And we knew, from reading a centrepiece set of articles in The Economist magazine, that U.S. housing was in a bubble -- if The Economist is writing about it all the way back then, there's no excuse to say "No one saw it coming" -- so our ocean-view house in San Francisco was not going to fetch a better price than then. So we went to packing, and filling out work visa applications, which proved to be more rewarding than blogging.

    Marching, letter-writing, attempting to get involved in Democratic Party politics, none of that made a damn bit of difference, so we decided to save ourselves. It's been fun. I wish the best for folks like you and DG who are stuck in the Decaying States of America. Sometimes people, more from the Left than the Reich side, try to guilt-trip me for bugging out. But I'd rather run than fight for a lost cause.

    I enjoy reading about U.S. politics, especially DG, because he's full of cuss-worthy anger. However, I'd be freaking out if I had to live in that armed madhouse. It's so much more fun to watch the freak show from a safe distance away.

  11. Hi Blue Gal, happy blogiversary! Here's to another eight years. We started around the same time (my blog launched in January 2005).


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