Monday, December 31

GOP's Boy Band? (photoshop)

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Happy New Year, everyone!!!


  1. remember during the Bush years(for Republicans reading this, Bush was the Republican President of the United States immediately preceding Obummer)when everyone was talking about new direction this and new direction that, and the crazy funny internets changed it to nude erection. ha ha ha good times. ..whatever you want in 2013 Fran, I hope you get at least half of it. plus bonus shit you didn't even know you wanted.

  2. also, applause for excellent idea and execution of photshop. "The White Album" caused lips to turn up, teeth to appear.

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Fran and Company, Happy New Year. You continue to inform and guide me through the intellectual wasteland of Modern Day America, for which I'm eternally grateful.

    Peace and prosperity in the new year.

    Ralph, The Cunning Runt

  4. OK, Fran. I'll cop to my ignorance, so you and Sandy underpants can laugh at me. Isn't that Virginia Foxx on the viewers' right? What am I missing?

    In an early episode of Law and Order, the ADA played by Michael Moriarty was asked by a lawyer, "OK, what do you want?" Moriarty replied, "Peace on earth, the Mets in the Series, and Dr. ? in Dannemora."

    Nice combination of idealism, wishful thinking, and focused objective. Don't know what you and Drifty and the kids respectively would assign to those categories, but I hope they're all fulfilled for you.

  5. Not missing a thing, Scarabus. I just couldn't leave Ms. Foxx out of the combo.

  6. Anonymous12:35 AM

    I love it when you smart people talk dirty.

    ...But shouldn't that be "The White and Orange Album?"

  7. Don't cha just want to push them off a cliff?


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