Wednesday, February 27

Jon Stewart for Code Pink?

Apparently, yes, and good for him.**  I signed, and encourage you to as well.

But also apparently Stewart was TOO BUSY to pose in a code pink long sleeve shirt?

**Especially since he's not hijacking a blog comment thread to do it.  :D

1 comment:

  1. Stewart's a pussy!

    Well, OK. That was rude. Let me rephrase: Stewart doesn't need to borrow a vagina from Medea. He *is* one.

    Seriously, he may feel that by staying in the "activist closet" he can accomplish more than he could if he came out. Maybe he's right. (I'd love to see/hear some discussion on that point.)

    I'll sign the petition, Fran, but not tonight. Stewart's almost self-parodying schtick in the Code Pink appeal was just too off-putting.


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