Friday, July 26

Ep 190 The Professional Left Podcast

Links for this episode:

Harold Ford, Jr. does a blah blah blah on "bipartisan gridlock" without once blaming Republicans.

Transcript of Obama comments on Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman verdict.

Fox News leaves Obama economic speech coverage for commercial and "breaking news" on Royal baby name.

Science Fiction University: IO9 commenters recommend SF books for beginners.

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  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Gotta disagree.

    Quinn's not a shit sandwich. He's more like a mayo and cheese sandwich on white bread.

    Daley's a shit sandwich.

    But if Daley gets the nomination, I'll probably vote for him, because the Repub nominee is bound to be an anthrax sandwich.

  2. Quinn's not a poo sandwich. He's progressively like a mayo and cheddar sandwich on white bread.

    Daley's a poo sandwich.

    In any case if Daley gets the designation, I'll presumably vote for him, since the Repub candidate is certain to be a Bacillus anthracis sandwich.


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