Friday, December 27

Ep 212 The Professional Left Podcast

Links for this episode:

Wonkette:  Team Santorum in S.C. does an oopsie on their Hanukkah card.

Gawker:  BG's quote of the year - "I need my paycheck."

And then there's this:  No big dogs in Bejing?

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  1. StonyPillow8:37 AM

    Since you're apparently too modest to mention it, hearty congratulations on your award for the Jon Swift Memorial "Best Posts of the Year 2013", the ONLY podcast to make the cut.

    I used to think the best Blue Gal was the writer. I was wrong. The combination of conversational brilliance and crafted lapidary finish you podcast every week sets the standard for excellence. Even though I don't agree all the time, I'm proud to be a (modest) supporter. Contributions make The Professional Left possible. Wish it was more.

    Have a Happy New Year. And your minivan, too.


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