Saturday, February 6

Something I wrote in 2008....

...seems apt for this primary season and our politics in general. To paraphrase:

There's no point in allowing our "concerns" to rob us of our peace. I think we sometimes enshrine our own emotional reactions to wrong, and it blocks us from doing what we can to change things.

Remember ma hunnies, one can be enraged over lead in the water.... and funding for children with autism... and death in Gaza and elsewhere.... (this scene from Henry V shows a war crime, the murder of servant boys on the field of battle)...

...and yet not know the day is ours: "Praised be God, and not our strength for it."

And I hope you watched to the end, when even the victorious King himself is reminded that he is no more than a leek-wearing Welshman. And that his honesty is his most important quality.

"God keep me so."

Stay strong, stay focused, stay humble, fight on.

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  1. Hi, that was an interesting video clip and on a very side of the side note LOL, I am supposedly a descendant of Sir Dyfed Gam who fought at the Battle of Agincourt on one side of the family and on another side we were German 48ers and 49ers (Liberals fleeing German states in 1848 & 1849) My German liberals went to St Louis, others went to Chicago and Milwaukee etc (The German triangle) but enough of that boring genealogy stuff. I've been following your podcast for a few years or more but in a very erratic manner (on and off, mostly off due to life challenges I had) but now things have sort of calmed down and I am following you and driftglass and blogs every week (sometimes daily esp driftglass because he posts almost daily). I have a blog too but I'm ashamed to call it a blog, it's more of a storage place for my self study & never ending "online civics class" Love ya (I will donate, but right now Bernie is taking what little funds I have) and yes I'll vote for Hillary if she gets the nomination. I'm crazy but not THAT crazy :-)Love you guys! keep up the GREAT work!


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