Friday, April 1

Ep 330 The Professional Left Podcast

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The only dentist in a community of 2400 closes because of Illinois’ Republican Governor Rauner.

Nathan Deal makes a deal.  

Kroger’s family friendly bathroom also helps LGBTQ people.  

North Carolina’s AG won’t defend bigoted law.

Rauner loses 4-4 at SCOTUS to hurt unions.

Coca Cola diminishes their “exposure” at the Republican Convention.

Wonkette: Rubio wants to keep his delegates.

An opportunity to share Science Fiction classics with some needy kids.

Science Fiction University Writing Prompt.  Deadline April 13 Midnight.  Put “submission” in your subject line.  PASTE your writing into an email.  NO attachments.  Four paragraphs inspired by one of the following images of SF Cover Art

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