Friday, September 9

Ep 353 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Huzzah for Junior Dude! I raise a d20 to him!

    I'm sure it will bring him many happy years.


    Oh, some gamer advice. A group that stays around for a while will either get a small cheap white board, and/or laminate a large blank paper grid map, so as to use erasable markers.

    Those dusting cloths that cling to dust are the best investment you can make for those. They pick up dry erase marker better than anything I've tried.

    And he needs a Crown Royale bag for his dice. That's a nerd thing. I still have a Crown Royale bag full of dice, containing a small Crown Royale bag with a single matching dice set. So, tell dad to start swilling the hootch so Jr can have his dice bag.


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