Wednesday, November 9

Ep 362 The Professional Left Podcast

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  1. Well... I can't be a "race traitor"; there is but one race, a human one. ...But I'm 1/16 Cherokee my mother always told me. I'll identify with that.

    Is it this which will have the orange-shirted jack-booters, breaking doors of my home, coming for me?

    I've no other choice. I earned a Bronze Star in the service of this Nation, in combat. I aspired to ideals transferred to me by methodist scientists and educators. I must continue to live up to those ideals.

    Bigotry and hatred _cannot_ be included in our Nation's fabric.

  2. I am one of many, many folks who silently take ideas and uplift from your weekly podcast. I normally don't speak up. I heard your latest podcast, though, and wanted to express my concern and best wishes for your family on the loss of your mother (now, of all times). I also want to express gratitude to your mom, who, I surmise, helped make you a remarkable inspiring person.
    Best regards for you and your family.


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