Thursday, January 5

The Secretary's Black Veil

Some are criticizing her plan to attend Trump's inauguration as normalizing him.  Really?  I think she's going to show off the contrast of what might have been with what is, to those who would forget immediately because "strategic forgettery"*  silences their gnawing consciences.   Again. 

*h/t for this term and the concept for the post from my wonderful husband.  I love you, Driftglass.

And yes, I'm talking about you, Andrea Greenspan, you malignant Beltway FUCK.  


  1. Thanks for the well deserved shot at Andrea Greenspan.
    Most people don't recall that she was entangled in the Valerie Plame affair (not in a good way) and excused herself with some bilge about "everybody knew something something".
    She was also knocking boots for a while with married Bob McFarlane, Poppy Bush's NSA who later attempted suicide, and was the subject of a mini-scandal at Chevy Chase Club for hitting rather too aggressively on one of the tennis pros.

  2. All the living former presidents were invited, and all but GHWB accepted. Since he's 90-odd, he can cite health concerns. It is traditional for the spouses to accompany the former presidents. Bill Clinton was the last exPOTUS to RSVP. Given that Carter and GWB accepted, he pretty much had to go. [I suspect Bill and George communicated about this before each said yes.]

    I'd like to think this will be a moment for contrast, but it won't be. It is, however, an act of patriotism for the Carters, Bushes and Clintons to acknowledge and respect the peaceful transfer of power as codified in our laws. What they choose to do on Jan. 21 is another matter.

  3. Staying away is what DJT would do - in puerile petulant sulk mode.

  4. Could have been Joe Scarborough, who's been proclaiming innocence over the shitstorm he's created.

  5. Anonymous3:24 PM

    You are kind to Mrs Greenspan. I have been calling her worse for a long long time


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