Thursday, November 2

It's my 19th Blogiversary

I usually forget, but this year I finally added it to Google Calendar.

Nineteen years is a long time!  I'm so grateful for the friendships this blog has brought to my life, the best of which by far is my wonderful husband. 

Thank you, readers and listeners, for your friendship and support of our podcast work. 

This week we learned that our health insurance premium will increase by $400 a month and will for the first time be more than our mortgage payment. Turns out your early 60's are spent scrimping to avoid spending retirement savings on current health care? When did that happen? 

We live in a small house and drive a twelve-year-old car.  We definitely know how to scrimp.

And we'll be using "Go Fund Me Supplemental Insurance" next year -- watch this space! 

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