Wednesday, April 18

Book Review: Jane O'Connor's Fancy Nancy

I know I've been negligent the past couple months on the book reviews. This summer, I promise. And I also know that this is not a Mommy Blog, nothing against those, there's some amazing ones out there, but I'm doin' the lefty hippy chick thing over here.

That said, last night a box arrived from Auntie M. and inside was this book called Fancy Nancy and I have to tell you that middle BG child, who will tell you straight to your face that she is four and three quarters (!) and she is NOT purple girl any more she likes pink and gold now and would you like to see her dress-up closet? Now HERE is how you play dress up. You take off your school clothes and jump on the bed for as long as you can stand it, then you put on fancy clothes until you almost can't walk down the hallway. Then you walk down the hallway and go into the bathroom and find some gorgeous stuff. [Editor's note: "gorgeous stuff" is whatever make-up Mommy was too A.D.D. to remember to put away] and you make yourself GORGEOUS. Then you go to your secret hiding place [Editor's note: the first place I always look for middle BG child, but don't tell her that, it's a secret] and you do...

Sorry, I don't know what she does in her secret hiding place. But it must be fun because it keeps her busy for at least twenty minutes and involves Barbie and teacups and "arranging." Middle BG child is big on "arranging."

Oh, sorry. Back to the book. So many books for little girls seem to be about princesses or Dora or the circus or some world the child can use her imagination to enter. Fancy Nancy requires no such pretending. It's all about you, little four and three quarters. My Fancy Nancy wanted this book read to her several times last night. Thank you Auntie M.

And Harper Collins knows a cash cow when they see it: Fancy Nancy already has a follow up book out and at the publisher's website you can print out a Fancy Nancy Paperdoll and...gasp... printable Fancy Nancy STICKERS!?!

Don't tell Dad.



  1. ADD and makeup left out for the little one to find...hmmm, are you sure you aren't Little Miss Know it All?

    Mine is three and does the same thing. In fact, the other day I left the room and left her alone (always a mistake) and came back to find all of my moisturizers with makeup brushes in them, which had been dipped in various eyeshadows and blushes. All ruined. I think my 3 year old going on 15 has been watching America's Top Model. Yikes.

    I appreciate reading your blog--mommy, christian, yet still a lefty who knows how to kick a little butt. Not bad.

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    My daughter "discovers" the play make-up bag for Halloween and parties, cunningly stashed toward the back of a girl-height drawer. Therefore she is less tempted to climb on something to attain what little makeup I have. That said, she can make just as big a mess.

    It's a pity the following book is not in translation, because on a similar theme it's just clever and feminist, to boot (message: you can want to wear pretty things, it doesn't prevent you from wanting to play football or Tarzan with Granny's ugly knitted scarf, etc.). It's called "La Princesse Coquette" and I couldn't figure out how to link to it. Oh well, shoot me.


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